Now about the gift you are sending to help the followers who need some stuff, have it ready when I get there. Save some for them of the extra that you have, so it will not be hard for you to give it. Set in your heart what how much you will give.

It is like seeds in the ground when you help other people. If you only put in a couple seeds only a little bit will grow up and make fruit. If you put in lots of seeds, lots of fruit will grow up.


God loves it when you are happy to give to others. God can make you have lots of special love and lots of everything to give anyone who needs it, so you can do lots of good by helping lots of people.



It is right for you forever. God makes you rich in what you think about, and in everything you do, and you shower God with many thank you’s.

And many are happy to God about you because you help them with what they need and help them know Jesus better. And they will pray for you and much of God’s special love will come on you.


Thank you to God for the gift He gave us that is bigger than anything. It is so big there are no words for it.




I beg you by how quiet and gentle Jesus is, that I don’t have to correct you when I come.


We walk in these bodies, but don’t fight in these bodies; we fight in our thinking to stay on God’s good road to heaven.

God gave us a strong sword in our hearts by telling us His words. So we throw down to the ground bad things that come into our head. We rope and tie up everything in our head and our heart to follow Jesus.




We don’t trust how stuff looks on the outside. We know we belong to Jesus and they belong to Jesus too.




God gave us power to build up other ones in what they think.

I don’t want to make you scared by letters that say strong words. It isn’t good to see if you or the other people are the best or think you are better than they are. But we think what God told us we are.




We want to go far past the place you live in the world and tell the ones who live there about Jesus too.




If you brag, then just brag about how good and special the Lord is.




It isn’t what WE say that is good and right, but it’s what and who God says is good and right.

Let me be silly for a minute and keep hearing me. I want you to stay for God real bad. I have put you with one Husband that you be only for Him. But I think the bad one tricked you like the snake tricked Eve in the garden of Eden and you are trying to be good instead of just leaning on Jesus who is with you in your heart.


I don’t talk in the best words, but I tell you the best stuff and tell you everything.

I let other churches help me so I could help you. When I was with you I worked myself to pay for my own food and clothes so it wouldn’t cost you any money for me to be with you because I love you.


There are many tricky ones that went out teaching bad stuff saying it is from God. Even the first bad one makes himself look like an angel when he talks to people.

Since you like silly people, I will be silly with you. I am as good as them. Lots of bad stuff happens to me because I tell people about Jesus and the bad ones are trying to stop me.


I will brag about all stuff that makes me need to lean on Jesus. Even in the city of Damascus the followers had to let me down in a basket from a high window to keep the leader of that city from catching me.

I will tell you that special amazing things were shown to me in my heart. I knew a man that God caught up into the third heaven who heard words too beautiful to be said.

So I wouldn’t get puffed up about the special stuff I know, a bad one from the bad one was sent to punch at me. I begged God three times to make it go away, but God said, My special love on you is enough for you. My strongness is made perfect in you when you are weak. So I will be glad about this trouble.



I am being silly, but you make me be silly. You should be holding me high in your hearts, but you think I am low and you don’t like me.

Everything the first followers of Jesus did, I did too, and lots more than that. But it’s not me, but Jesus who lives inside me. I am glad for all the trouble it is for me to help you because I love you.


We walk in the same Spirit and the same steps. We speak before God in the Promised One. And we do it all to build you up stronger in the Lord.

I think when I come to see you I won’t find you being in Jesus, but fighting and being mad and talking bad about each other and hurting each other. That will make me sad.

Paul then told the people in his letter, I am coming to you again. It will be the 3rd time I come to see you. Two or three people saying something will make it stand strong.



I told you before one time and then again to the ones that still do bad, that if I come again I will spank you, you ones want proof to show that it is Jesus talking in me to you.



He let Himself be weak to be nailed to the tree, but now He lives by all the power of God. We are weak too, but strong in Him.


Look at what you are thinking and what you are doing to see if you are still trusting and leaning on Jesus. Jesus is in you unless you didn’t believe in Him at all.




We can’t do anything against what is true, but only for what is true.



I don’t want to come to spank you, just to make you stronger in Jesus.

And now goodbye, my brothers. Be all in Jesus and happy and think the same thing and don’t fight with each other. And the God of love and peace will be with you.

Meet each other with a pure kiss. All the believers salute you. The special amazing love of our Lord Jesus the promised one, and the love of God, and the closeness of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. We believe it.