Paul told Timmy to write these words to the followers in Israel: Since we see so many ones who lived believing in Jesus around us, lets throw off every heavy thing that keeps tripping us up and run God’s race by staying under what God says





and keeping our eyes looking at Jesus who is the One who give us His stuff to believe

He stayed under to go die for our sins by looking at the big happiness that was in front of Him and when it was done and He sat down at the right hand of His Father’s throne in heaven.

Think about Him and what hard stuff He did for you so you won’t get tired in your thinking and give up.


Don’t get sad and hate it when God spanks you because the Lord spanks the ones He loves. If you keep on staying with Him even when He spanks you, then you are His son.




What son doesn’t a dad spank? All get spankings. And we obey and hold high our dads who spank us.



And God spanks us because He loves us and wants to give us His best stuff that lasts forever.

So lift up your hands that are hanging down and make straight ways to walk. If you get off the path, then get back on, don’t give up and quit.



Follow the quiet, not fighting way and stay clean or else you won’t see the Lord.




Keep leaning on God’s special love for you and don’t get upset or yukky inside your heart about stuff.  That makes lots of followers dirty.




Don’t be going after other men’s ladies, and hold high the good stuff God promised so you will get to have it.

You are not coming to a city of this world that will get old and go away, but you are coming to the ones who are going to be in heaven with Jesus forever,

You are coming to God who is the judge of all, and to the spirits of the ones who followed Him and were made perfect.


You are coming to Jesus who brought in the new deal and made a way for all to go to heaven forever.




So don’t turn away when you hear Him speak to you.

You won’t be able to run fast enough to escape if you turn away from the One who speaks to you from heaven.





His words shake the world and the heavens.



You will get for your very own, a kingdom that nothing can shake forever.

So stay in God’s amazing special love and serve Him the right way with a quiet heart being amazed at Him because He is a fire that eats up everything bad.






Keep loving all the brothers and don’t forget to help the strangers because some of them are really angels from heaven.

Remember and help the ones in jail for following Jesus and the ones who are having troubles because of it, too.






Being married is good and clean, but ones who take anyone else’s lady will be spanked.

Don’t always be wanting everyone else’s stuff and be happy in where you are and what you have because God is always with you and won’t ever leave you or turn away from you.


We can be very brave to say, God is my helper and I won’t be scared of what men do to me.

Keep holding high the ones who are the leaders over you who tell you God’s words.

Jesus is the always the same. He never changes...not in the days that already went by and He doesn't change today, and He won't ever change in all the days that are still left in front of us.

Don’t let your thinking be carried away by weird stories, but keep your heart set strong in God’s amazing special love.

Don’t think it’s all about the food you eat because that doesn’t get you anything special at all. The food goes in the body and the food goes out.





We have special food for our heart that bad ones don’t get to eat.



Let us stay with Jesus who is taking us to His city that will always be lasting forever in the heavens.


And by Jesus, let us always do and say the best words to God. That will make God very happy.



And always be ready to tell people about Jesus and how amazing He is and what He did for us.

Do what the leaders of the country say because they watch over your souls and will have to give a report about it. Keep on the right way so they can be happy about the report they give.




Keep praying for us, Paul said. We trust that you will always live honest.





I hope God will bring me to you real quick.




Now the God of peace and quiet who brought Jesus back from being dead, that great Shepherd of the sheep, make you perfect in every thing you do and say.




To Him is the shiny brightness for always an always.




Please pay good attention to these few good words from me.





We all say ‘hi’ to you. God’s amazing special love be with you all.