Peter sent another letter out to the ones who believed in Jesus. Believing in Jesus is worth more than gold, the very biggest worth.



We have it by God’s being right and because Jesus saved us.

Peter said: Amazing love and quietness from God be made really big for you by knowing more and more about God and Jesus our Lord who by His power that has no ends.

He gives us everything we need to be like Him and full of Him, by knowing about Him who called us to His special shiny brightness.

He gave us very big and special promises so we could be like Him who lives forever and has nothing bad in Him. By Him, we escape every bad thing that comes in the world by wanting the stuff other people have. So pay good attention and add loving God the most in your heart to what you do.


And learn about Him and what He said. And put on top of that, controlling yourself and waiting quiet and being amazed at God and being kind to our brothers.



And put on top of that loving others bigger. If these things are in you, you will have lots of happy fruit going up to Jesus in heaven.

But if you don’t have these things, you are blind and don’t see what’s coming from far away and forgot that Jesus took away every bad thing you did.

So be sure and keep sure about these things and you will never fall. And lots of big rewards will be waiting for you when you go into the kingdom of Jesus, that lasts forever.




Peter said: So because of this I won’t stop helping you remember these things because they are true. I will be going up to be with Jesus in heaven real soon.

We didn’t follow silly or sneaky stories, but told you about the power of Jesus who is coming back. And you yourself saw His amazing shiny brightness from God, and you heard God’s voice coming out of heaven when we were up on the mountain.

But the special words from God that were written down all along, they are more strong than what our eyes saw. So learn and know those words because they are like a big light that shines into a dark place until you see Jesus in your heart.

Know this, that the special words from God that were written aren’t a secret, but everyone can hear and know what they mean, because they came in old times when holy men of God were moved by the Holy Spirit to write them.



But bad ones came in and told wrong things, they sneaked in with big lies, and even say that Jesus isn’t the Son of God who died for our sins.


They are bringing a big quick spanking on themselves. And the ones who follow those words say bad stuff about you and say bad stuff about the special words from God.

They want other people’s stuff real bad and say sweet words to you to get you to follow them and buy their yukky stuff. The bad stuff they are making will come back on them.

God spanked the bad angels that were in Noah’s time and put them into hell. Dark chains are holding them there until the time for the big judgment.

And God washed all the bad ones off the ground but saved Noah and his family in the big ship Noah made.

And God burned up the bad cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes showing what happens to the ones who won’t stop doing bad stuff. But God saved out Lot because he trusted God and was upset everyday by the bad stuff those people did.


The Lord knows how to keep the ones who want Him out of troubles and hold them safe until the day the bad ones are spanked.

And there are bad ones who hate the leaders and like only being bad and dirty. They say bad stuff about high leaders but even angels who are stronger and know lots more, don’t do that. These bad ones are ruining themselves and will soon be all gone away forever. They think its ok to do all this bad stuff right out in the sunshine, but they make it all ruined.

They went off the right path and only want money and other men’s ladies. They are like faucets that don’t have any water or clouds that don’t have any rain. They will have the mist of darkness over them for always.



They say big fat empty words that trick people away from God’s path. They say, You will be free, but they are all tied up inside themselves.



If they go to Jesus and then turn away from Him again, then it is worse for them than at the start.

There was more in Peter’s next letter that said: I am stirring up your thinking to remember the words in the special writings from God and the words from the leaders of the Lord Jesus who saved us because in the later days before Jesus comes back men will be making fun of the followers and the special words from God.

They will say, Where is He? When is He coming? We don’t see anything. It is all the same as it was from the start.

They won’t want to know that God made the heavens by His Word speaking and the world stood up out of the waters. And then the waters washed over all the world and washed out the bad stuff.


But the heavens and world now will be saved up for the fire of the spanking of men who turn away from God their Maker. So don’t be dumb about this, one day is like 1,000 years to the Lord and 1,000 years is like one day.

The Lord isn’t slow about His promise, but waiting long, because He doesn’t want anyone to be lost because He wants all to come back to Him. The Lord’s day will come quick, sneaking in like a robber who comes in the nighttime, and the heavens will sweep away with a big loud sound, and it will all be burned up with a big quick fire.

So since it will all be gone, shouldn’t we stay very close to God being always amazed at Him, looking for that day when He comes to make it a new heavens and new world where there will be no bad thing at all.



So, my ones that I love, since you are waiting for this day, keep quiet in Him and don’t do any bad or bow to any bad thing.

Jesus waited long to save us, like our very loved brother Paul said, who tell us lots of good things but they are hard to know what it means.





And ones who don’t understand twist it all around and it ruins them.

So, my special loved ones, watch out that you don’t let a bad one lead you away from Jesus. But grow more and more in the special amazing love of Jesus and grow more and more in knowing all about Him.




To Him is all the power and special shiny brightness forever and ever. We believe it.