Paul said, Now I hear that there is man there with you who is doing a real bad thing with his mother. Even the other countries of the world don’t do that. And you are puffed up about it, when you should be sad; and you should have put the man out of your church and not let him be with you.




I am not there with you but I already prayed for God to spank the one who did this bad thing.

In our Jesus, when you get together, and my spirit is there with you, we give that one over to the bad one to be spanked so that man’s soul can be saved.




You are not doing good to be puffed up about this. Do you know that a little bit of puffiness puffs up everything.

So get rid of the puffiness and you will be new because Jesus was given for us to clear away all our sins. So let’s stop all the bad stuff and the puffiness and all ugly hating.

I told you not to be with the people who do bad in the world and the ones who want everyone else’s stuff and the ones who cheat people and the ones who bow down to bad ones, or ones who yell a lot and who drink too much wine. Don’t even eat your food with them.



The leaders in the church are to stop the people in the church who are doing bad stuff. God stops the ones in the world who are doing bad stuff. Put that bad person out.

And stop taking each other to court in the nation when someone does bad to you. See about it in the church and not in front of ones who don’t have Jesus. You make Jesus look bad so they won’t want Him.



Soon you will be the judges over the whole world and the judge over angels. So how will you do that if you can’t judge even these little things in the church?



It would be better to let that person do you bad and let it go than to take it to the court in front of the ones who don’t have Jesus.



Don’t you know that the ones who have Jesus, but still do bad, won’t get to own the kingdom.



Some of you were like that but now are washed clean from all that bad stuff and made right in Jesus and by the Spirit of God.



It’s ok for me to do everything, but it isn’t helping or building up good stuff for us.






Food is for the tummy and the tummy was made for food.



The body is for the Lord. God raised up the Lord and He will raise us up, too, by His own power.




Your body is part of Jesus’ body. So should you join it to a bad one? No! Run away from that!



You are joined to the Lord and are one Spirit with Him. His Holy Spirit lives inside your body.



You are His now, not yours because He bought you for Himself so lift Him up in your body and your thinking. They are God’s.

To keep from doing bad with women let every man have his own that God made for him. Be there for each other except when you are getting quiet with God and praying.


Some of us have a special power from God to be without a wife. If you don’t have a wife or husband, that is better because you have more of God. He is the best.


If you have a wife or husband who doesn’t believe in Jesus, and you like them, keep them, because God keeps them safe because of you.


But if they don’t want to be with you because you are God’s, then they can go away. God wants us to live in quietness with everyone.

Let each one stay where they are when God called them and not go this way or that. If you are a slave, stay being a slave because you are free in God.



If you are free, don’t try to be a slave. Just stay where you are in God.


If you have a wife or husband you will have more trouble because you want to make them happy and to make God happy too.




I tell you this stuff so you won’t get stuck in traps of the bad one.



If you get married you are tied to that one as long as they are alive. But if they die, then you are free to get married to someone else. Only be sure it is one who believes in Jesus.



You will be happier if you don’t get married. Paul thought the Spirit of God told him that.




Knowing things puffs you up about yourself, but love builds you up.





God knows every one who loves Him.

Don’t go to the temples that bow down to the bad ones, and don’t eat the food they eat there. But if you do and don’t know it, it’s ok because its just food and won’t hurt you.



The bad ones are nothing. God is everything. They can’t do anything when God protects you.


There is only one God, the Father, who made everything and gives us everything we have.


And we are in Him. And there is one boss over everything, Jesus, God made everything through Him, even us.


Everyone doesn’t know this and some will think they are dirty if they eat the stuff from a bad ones temple, so don’t let that happen and trip them up.