Paul wrote another letter to Timmy and said: God sent me out to tell about Jesus because that’s what He wanted me to do. He made me a top leader of the followers.

God put His special love and kindness and peace on you Timmy from Him and Jesus.

I always tell God ‘thanks’ for you and remember to pray about you in the daytime and in the nighttime. I want to see you and that will make me real happy.




I remember the big love in your mom and grandma and know it is in you too.


Stir up God’s special present in you when I laid my hands on you. God didn’t give us a fraidy-cat spirit, but a sprit of big power and love and straight thinking.



We are glad about Jesus and not embarrassed. He saved us from the bad stuff before the world began.

He ended death and brought the best life to everyone who will take it. I know He will take and keep what I gave to Him.




Hold tight to the right words by the Holy Spirit.

Lots of ones here left me, but God gives big special love to the ones who help me, and weren’t embarrassed that I’m in jail.


So, my son Timmy be strong in the special love that is in Jesus and tell what you heard from me to men who will pass it on to others too.

Be tough like a good soldier. Don’t get all tangled up in the stuff of this life, so you can make happy the one who picked you.



Win the game by sticking to the rules and working hard because the farmer who grows the fruits is the first to eat the fruits.




May God show you what everything means.



Remember Jesus was raised up from being dead and that’s why bad ones give me so much trouble,




because they don’t want anyone to know that Jesus took their spanking and is raised up from being dead for all of us.

But God’s word runs free and can’t be tied up. So I put up with all the bad stuff and am saved with Jesus’ shiny brightness that lasts forever and ever.



We died when Jesus died and now we live because He is alive forever. If we put up with the bad stuff we will sit on His throne with Him forever.





If we don’t believe it, Jesus still holds us up because He is always for us.





Don’t fight about words that don’t build people up in Jesus, but upset them instead.



Keep learning too, so you will know the right stuff from God, and He will be smiling on you and you won’t be embarrassed.



Turn away from bad and empty words because they eat at you like an itchy sore. Some have gone away from Jesus because of bad words.




They say that the dead were all raised up already and make some to not believe anymore.


But God’s ground stands strong and the Lord knows the ones who are for Him.




Let everyone who wants Jesus turn away from the bad one and don’t do the bad stuff.


In big houses there are good ones and bad ones, some dishes are made of gold and some made of silver and some made of wood and some made of dirt. So be a clean dish made of gold.



Run away from the bad stuff and keep your eyes and heart on Jesus.

Keep away from silly questions because they make fights. God’s servant shouldn’t be fighting, he should be kind and quiet so he can help other people to keep out of the trap of the devil.