All who believe that Jesus is the promised one to save us are born to be God’s children.




And every one who loves that child born of God loves God, too.




This is how we know we are God’s kids: because we love God and do His rules. His rules are real easy and not hard.


The ones who are born from God have won over the world. And this is the winning over the world, our faith that we believe.



The ones who win over the world are the ones that believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

This is the One that showed the blood and water, even Jesus, not just the dunking water, but the water and the blood that came out from His side when He took our spanking.





The Spirit shows that this is true. The Spirit is true.

There are three that show the truth written down in heaven, The Father, The Word, and the Holy Spirit. These three are all one together.


And three show it is true in the world: the Spirit, and the water and the blood. These three all say the same thing and agree together.



If we believe what people tell us, God is greater, let’s believe Him.

If we believe Him, we show that God is true, but if we don’t believe, we are saying God is a liar, because we didn’t believe what He showed.



This is what He showed, that God is forever life and that life is in His Son, Jesus.




The one who has Jesus has life, and He that doesn’t have Jesus doesn’t have life.

I wrote all this to you so you will believe in Jesus, and so you will know for sure that you have forever life, and will keep on believing in Jesus.




And this we believe that whatever we ask, He hears us, and He will do it.


And if you see a brother do a bad thing that isn’t killing or taking someone else’s lady, you can pray for him that God forgive him and fill him up with His Spirit again. Don’t pray for the biggest bad stuff.



We know the ones born of Jesus don’t keep on always doing bad, and God guards them, and the bad one can’t touch them.




We know that we are from God, and the world is sleeping in the arms of the bad one.

And we know that the Son of God came and showed us how to know Him, the true One. And we are in Him that is true, Jesus. This is the true God and forever life.




Little children stay away bowing down to anything but Jesus.