Peter was a fisherman before Jesus found him. Jesus  made Peter leader in the church. Later on Peter wrote a letter to the Jesus' followers scattered around.

He said, To ones God picked because God always knew you, and to ones He set special by His Holy Spirit, and to ones He made all clean from all badness by Jesus’ blood: God’s special love on you and quietness be made really big.


Most happy is God the Father of Jesus who made us his children by a hope that is living, by bringing Jesus up from being dead.


He is bringing us to a big treasure of our very own that is saved in heaven for us, the ones God is keeping away from the bad ones by His power.


He will show it to us later. We are really happy about it, but now some trouble comes sometimes if we need it, so our faith will get big and strong.

This is much more important than gold that goes away. Your trusting Jesus makes big highness and shiny brightness for you when Jesus comes back.


You haven’t seen Him yet, but know about Him and love Him, and that makes you really happy and full of His shiny brightness inside your heart.

This is what was promised at the start and told by the fathers down through the times of the world all the amazing special love that comes to you.


They told the bad stuff that would happen to Jesus and all the very best stuff that would come after the bad stuff.



This amazing treasure was brought to us by the Holy Spirit came down to us from heaven.






Angels look down to this world and want know all about this.

So make your legs strong and keep your mind clear and keep trusting to the end for the special amazing love that is given to you when Jesus comes.

And obey like good children, don’t go back to the bad stuff again, because God made you new and special. God said, Be special because I am special.

So go through the days here being amazed at God because you weren’t bought back from the bad stuff by silver or gold but by the precious blood of Jesus, the lamb that is perfect.




God set Jesus to do this for us before the world was made and showed it to you now in these last times.

You believe in Him that God raised Him up from being dead and put His own shiny brightness on Him so you will trust him.




You made your souls clean by obeying what is true and you really love your brothers.

You are born again by a seed that can’t ever die or change or be hurt, the seed is the word from God that always lives on and on and on.


The people are like the grass that springs up for a little time and then dries up and blows away, but the words from God always stay true and strong forever.





This is the word we tell to you.