Trusting is the real thing in your heart that brings everything else so that it will be seen.


In faith we know that the worlds were shaped by the words that God said so the things we see are made of stuff that can’t be seen yet.


By trusting in God, Abel gave a better present to God than Cain, and it showed he was doing what God said was right, and it still talks to us today in our hearts when we hear about it. It shows us what God says is right.

By faith Enoch was lifted right off this world into heaven to be with God and didn’t have to die at all because he did what made God really happy.

Without trusting, we can’t make God happy. We just know that what He says is true.


We don’t come to God if we don’t think He is there or that He will help us. We know that He gives rewards to the ones who try to find Him.

By trusting what God said, Noah believed God’s warning and made a big ship to save his family and the families of animals in the world and he didn’t get killed with the bad ones of the world.

And he will inherit the kingdom with the other ones who are made right with God by just believing in the One God promised to send to save us.

By trusting God, Abraham went out from the city where he lived to a place he didn’t know and lived there in tents in the promised land that God will give him forever.




He wanted to live in a city God made and not one made by people.





By trusting what God said, Sarah became strong enough to have a baby when she was real old, because she knew that God can do everything. Nothing is too hard for Him.


And from that promised child comes a whole nation of people as many as the sand on the shore at the ocean.






All these died trusting God and were sure that He would do what He said.

If they wanted, they could go back to their old country or their old ways, but they want a better way and a better country, one from heaven.




So God is glad to make that place for them.

By faith Abraham obeyed God and gave his son Isaac to God for a present, showing that God gave up His own Son for us, knowing that God could raise him up.



By faith, Jacob told the blessings that would come on his two sons, Esau and Jacob.

By faith Joseph had the children of Israel carry his bones up from Egypt so he could be raised from being dead with his fathers and family in God’s special land promised them.



By faith, Moses parents hid him for 3 months and then he was raised in the king’s palace.

Then, trusting God, he went to his own people instead of becoming king in Egypt because he knew that being with God was much better treasure forever, than all the treasure in Egypt for a little while.




By faith, Moses had the people sprinkle the blood of the Passover so they would be saved with the death angel passed over Egypt.

By faith they went through the Red Sea on dry ground, but the Egyptian soldiers chasing them were drowned in the sea.




By faith the walls of Jericho fell down.

By faith Rahab was saved when Israel came to take the land, because she hid the spies.




Many more, by trusting God did many amazing things, and won over the bad ones: Gideon, Samson, Barak, Jephtha, David, Samuel and other ones who told God’s words.

Kingdoms were conquered, people did right stuff, and were given the promises, and stopped the mouths of lions, and stopped fires, and escaped from the sword, and weak ones were made strong, and chased away armies of bad ones.



Ladies saw their loved ones brought back to life from being dead. Some took the bad stuff so they could have better stuff that lasts forever.

Many were poor and wandered outcast in the world, but they were better than the world. God had better things waiting for them and us.