Now we don’t need to tell you what time these things will happen because you know that the day the Lord comes back will be a surprise that comes sneaking up on them.




When everyone thinks it is quiet and safe, then it will happen real quick.




But you brothers are not in the dark. That special day won’t sneak up on you.


You are children of the light and children of the daytime, not of the night and the dark.

So keep watching and don’t be drunk, but put on the armor of faith and love, and the helmet of being saved on your thinking, because God didn’t plan for us to get the spanking, but to be saved from the bad stuff by Jesus our Lord, the One promised to save us.





So keep patting each other and building up each other.




Hold up high in your love the ones who do the work and don’t fight with each other, but be quiet with each other.

Warn the ones who are being silly and running wild to stop it.



Pat the ones who are weak in their thinking and don’t get upset with others.





Don’t pay back bad for bad but let your good be stronger so it takes down their badness.



Always be happy and keep praying all the time because that is what God wants you to do in Jesus.




Don’t stop the Spirit and don’t hate the good words of the special writings.




Test everything to see if it is right and hold tight to what is good.



Keep far away from anything that looks like it is bad or from the bad one



and the God of peace will set apart as special all of you, your body and your spirit, and keep it without being blamed until the day Jesus comes back.



The One who called you to Himself is always true to you and will do it all for you.




Paul and the boys then said, Pray for us and say ‘hi’ to all the brothers with a holy kiss.




Read all of this letter to all the brothers.


The special amazing love of the Lord Jesus be with you. We believe it. Goodbye