Paul wrote a letter to Timmy that said, God our Savior and the Lord Jesus, who is our hope, to Timmy, my own son in believing.


God’s amazing special love be on you from God our heavenly Father and Jesus.

I want you to stay in that city while I go to Greece and you tell them there to only teach what we first said, and don’t listen to other stories or count back through your father’s father’s list of people.





Because we are just to love God and love people from a clean heart.



Some have turned away to empty words that don’t build people up in Father God and Jesus.




God’s rules are good and a good help to beaters and killers to stop beating and killing people.





But keep on liking the wonderful true words.



I thank Jesus our Lord who made me able to do His work because I was real bad for a long time in my life.




I didn’t know it was bad.



But the amazing special love of God was bigger than my bad stuff.



It is right saying that Jesus came into the world to save sinners, and I am the biggest one.






God’s special love was real big on us.

Now to the King who lives forever and is the only smart one, let Him be held highest and be the most shining bright One forever. We believe it.


So Timmy, fight a good fight against the bad ones that want to stop you from doing what God wants you to do.


Keep on believing in and leaning on Jesus so your life won’t shipwreck like some other ones that I gave over to the bad one so they will learn not to talk bad about God and make God look bad by the stuff they do.

I tell you strong to first pray and tell God thank you for all men: for kings and leaders, so that we can live quiet lives full of God and being true, because God likes to see this in you.

He wants all men everywhere to be saved and to know the truth because there is only one God and one who is between man and God, that is Jesus, the promised One.

He gave Himself to buy us all back to God forever and it will be seen at the right time. So I, Paul, was made a preacher to tell all this. I don’t tell lies.


I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands to pray without being mad or not believing it.

And ladies too, wear clothes that don’t show the private parts of your body, and keep a quiet face, and don’t be drunk, not braiding your hair or wearing gold and pearls and the fancy clothes, but dress yourself up by doing good stuff.

I don’t let women teach in the church or be leaders over the men but learn quietly with their mouths shut because Adam was made first and then Eve.




Adam wasn’t tricked, but the woman was tricked into doing bad; but the ladies will be saved when they have children if they keep trusting and loving people and being quiet with God and not being drunk.

This is true: If a man wants to be a leader of Jesus’ followers, then he must not have done crimes and he must have only one wife and be not drunk and be a good watcher over what is good and he must like having people over to eat at his house and stay at his house and not one who beats people up or likes to have lots of money.




He must be one who keeps his kids doing what is good. How can he do right at God’s house if he doesn’t do right at his own house?




One who wants to be a leader of Jesus’ followers must not a new believer in Jesus because he will get puffed up easy.



He should also be someone who other people know is doing good, or the bad one will trap him easy.

And other helpers in the church must be serious, not silly, and not talking both sides, and not drinking too much wine or wanting too much money but they must be ones who hold the special secret of God with a clean heart.





Test them first for a while to see if they do it right.

The ladies too are to be good watchers and not talking behind people’s backs and not drinking too much wine, but always quickly doing what is right.





These other helpers too should have just one wife and keep their children doing what is good.




This will get them a good reward and big faith in Jesus.

I tell you all this and hope I will be coming to see you soon. But if it is a long time before I get there, you know how to keep on doing what is right in the church because it is the house of the living God, the steady rock and ground of the truth.





Everyone agrees that God’s special secret is very great: God was shown to us in an earth man’s body  and did everything perfect in the Spirit and the angels saw it and the other nations were told about Him and people of the world believed on Him and He was taken up back into heaven.