So all you my brothers who have heard the call coming from heaven, think about the highest One, Jesus, who finished everything that God put on Him to do, just like Moses obeyed God in every part.

But this man Jesus is higher than Moses and has more shiny brightness than Moses, just like the one who builds a house is better than the house.


Some man built every house, but the one who built everything in the world and in then heavens is God.




So keep holding tight to the stuff we told you and be happy always thinking that clear up to the end.

The Holy Spirit says, Today, listen to Him, don’t make your heart hard and don’t turn away when He talks to you in your heart like they did in the wild lands long time ago.



God was sad in his heart with them and said, They always go the wrong way, so I won’t bring them into My good place. So let’s watch out and not do like them. Let’s stick close to the living God.




And don’t be tricked by bad stuff. Keep holding on to Jesus clear up to the end.



If they didn’t believe, they couldn’t go into God’s special quiet resting place.

Let’s only be scared that we don’t get all God’s promises. When we believe them we go into His special rest, the best rest, like God rested on the 7th day when He was all done.

But those other people didn’t go into God’s special rest because they didn’t believe what God said. So God has a rest still waiting for us. So work only to go into that special rest.




Don’t be like the ones who didn’t believe.



Hear God and believe what He says because God’s word is sharper than the sharpest sword. It cuts the bad stuff out of our hearts and shows all His good stuff there.





God sees everything.

We have a great high priest who went into the heaven, Jesus, the Son of God. So hold tight to what we said. He lived here with us and knows how we feel about everything.

So let’s be very brave to come in front of His throne to ask for His amazing special love every time we need it.




The priests in this world help bring us to God and they know how it is for us.

No one puts himself to be a priest, but God calls them to do it. And Jesus didn’t make Himself a priest. God told Jesus, You are my Son. Today I fathered you and make you the best priest forever like the priest for Abraham called Melchisedec.





He prayed real hard and God saved Him from the worst death that carried all our deaths.



He was the Son from heaven but He learned to obey by the hard things that happened to Him. And God made Him perfect to save all of us.

There are so many good things to hear about Him, but your ears are not hearing very good. You should be teachers by now, but you are still babies and need to learn over the very tiny first stuff about God.




So let’s go more from the baby stuff to be all full of Jesus knowing all about Him.

The ground drinks in the rain and springs up food and brings big happiness from God but when stickers grow they hurt people and will be picked up and put into a fire and burned up.


We know you won’t be like the stickers that hurt people, but will do the good stuff of the saved ones.


God won’t forget any good thing you do in helping the followers or helping people to know Jesus, but he will give big treasures to you for it.



So keep believing and don’t be lazy about learning and trusting Jesus’ promises.

God promised Abraham by God Himself that he would bless Him and make him great and make many nations come from him when Abraham just wanted one little son. So see that God does much bigger than what we ask Him to do.



God can’t lie and His promises have all the strongness bigger than the heavens.





That keeps our souls strong in Him because Jesus went into heaven for us to be there for us forever helping us be close to God.

The priest of the Most High God for Abraham was Melchisedec, who was the king of Salem. He blessed Abraham after Abraham came back from winning the battle with the five bad kings and their armies.

Abraham gave that priest a ten part of all the gold stuff they took from those kings. That priest was a very great man, but think how much greater Jesus is, the Son of God from heaven.

Those other priests, the sons of Levi, who God made priests, were just men from this world who were made from the dust of the ground. And they died.


But Jesus was raised from being dead and lives forever so He is our forever priest who will always be with God helping us and praying for us.

So He will always be saving us forever. He was the most special and never did any bad thing, and He is made higher than the heavens.