Brothers, don’t everyone want to be the boss because they have to do it better or they will be spanked. And we all do a lot of bad stuff.



The one who doesn’t do any bad thing is filled up with Jesus and He holds away all badness.


Don’t be hard for God to lead this way and that way like a horse that has to have a rope around his head.




Even big ships are turned around in strong winds by a tiny part at the back, called the rudder.



I’s just like the tongue in your mouth, it is tiny but says big stuff and can start big fires of hurt or can make big happy, good things.

It’s hard to stop bad words from coming out of our mouth. So don’t think it in your heart and then it won’t come out of your mouth.


Does a fig tree make berries? Can clean water and dirty water come from the same pool?



If you are smart and wise, know these things.

But if you are mean and always wanting other peoples stuff, don’t be happy about that. Don’t lie against the good stuff.


The wise stuff from above is pure and quiet and kind and doesn’t play favorites and is easy to get along with, and is full of good stuff.




It makes quiet peace.

Why are there wars and fighting? Because you want real bad the stuff that someone else has.



You don’t have it for yourself because you don’t ask God. Or you ask to just have fun and keep everything for yourself and puff yourself up over everyone.





This is being God’s enemy instead of His friend.




There is a part inside us that wants everything only for itself and is puffed up and wants only to be boss over everything.




Move in close to God and He will move in close to you. Wash your hands from doing bad stuff. Keep your hearts clean and pure.


Keep yourself down quiet under God and He will lift you up high.




Don’t say bad stuff to your brothers or about your brothers.


And don’t make yourself the boss or the judge. There is only One who gave the rules and One who is the judge over everything.



And don’t say, We’re going to go here and do this and that because we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.



If you know how to do what God likes, but you don’t do it, that is bad.


Cry out loud you rich ones because your piles of money have turned you the wrong way and now your clothes are full of holes.

Your gold and silver are rotting and will eat you up too, because you didn’t pay your workers who brought the crops in from the fields, and their cries went up into the Lord’s ears in heaven.

You are only living to have fun. You have killed ones who didn’t do anything wrong and they didn’t try to stop them.

Keep waiting quietly until the Lord comes back. The farmer waits quiet for the good fruits to grow. So you wait quiet and keep your heart strong in Him until He comes back.




Don’t be upset with your brothers, so you won’t get spanked because, Jesus, the one who will judge everything, is standing at the door ready to come quick.

Look back at the ones who followed the Lord in old times to see how to wait quiet. The ones who keep following and wait quiet are really happy. You will see that the end Lord gives is really good and full of His special amazing love.

And most of all, brothers, don’t make promises by heaven or by earth or any other kinds of promises. Just say yes, or no so you won’t fall into trouble.





Pray when you have trouble and sing songs when you are happy.



If you are sick, call the leaders of the church to pray and put oil on you in Jesus name.


The trusting prayer will heal the sick ones and the Lord will make him all better. If he did something bad it will be forgiven and let go.

Tell your bad stuff to each other and pray for each other so you will be made well. The strong prayer of one who trusts Jesus has lots of power and does lots of important good stuff.

Elijah was a man like us and he made a strong prayer for it not to rain and it didn’t rain for three years and six months. Then he prayed again and the heaven gave rain and the ground grew her food.

If anyone turns off from God’s path and you get him back on the path, you have saved him from dying and hid a big basketful of sins.