A follower of Jesus whose name was Jude wrote a letter to the other followers that God set apart to be only His, Jesus keeps them and guards them and called them.




He said: Lots and lots of God’s amazing special love and peace and love be on you, My loved ones.

When I tried to write to you about how we are all saved, I saw you needed me to tell you and press on you to fight from your heart for the faith that was first given to the ones who believe in Jesus.




I tell you this because some bad ones creeped in that you don’t know are there.


It was told long time ago that this would happen, bad ones who don’t want God, they twist the special love of God into bad stuff and even say there isn’t any god or any Jesus.

So I will help you remember some stuff you used to know how the Lord saved the people out of Egypt and then later got rid of the ones who didn’t believe.

And the angels in heaven who didn’t stay in the place God made for them, God put chained up in a very dark place waiting for the day when God will say about everything what is good and what is bad.



And like Sodom and Gomorrha and the other cities like them that were all for only doing the bad stuff and were showed the payback of fire that lasts forever.





They are dirty dreamers that make everything dirty and they hate rulers and say bad stuff about the leaders that God put over the world.


But Michael, the top angel in heaven, when he was fighting with the devil about who got to have the body of Moses, didn’t even dare to call the bad one any bad words but said only, The Lord spank you.

These bad ones say bad stuff that they don’t even know what it means and are mean and stupid animals making themselves all rotten.


Much sad crying will be to them because they like only killing and money and being the boss.





They make your parties dirty when they eat with you because they aren’t scared of God’s spanking.

They are like clouds that don’t have any rain in them and are carried about by the winds of bad thinking.


They don’t have good fruit of love and happiness but are dead two times and pulled up by the roots.

They are like the waves of the sea, lifting up high and making all their badness into the foam.




They are like stars in the sky that don’t stay in their place but wander all over and they will be only in black darkness forever.

Remember Enoch, too, who was the seventh son down from Adam who told about all these things when he said, The Lord is coming with ten thousands of His ones who want Him

He is coming to say what is right and what is wrong about everything and pay back forever the ones who did bad stuff and wouldn’t let Him help them not do bad.

These say bad stuff about the only good One and grumble and whisper bad stuff and only care about what they want for themselves.




They say great big empty words and only like people so they will do stuff for them.

But you, my loved ones, think about what Jesus told us that in the last times men would only make fun of God and His kids and they would only want stuff for themselves all the time.

They would only be about their body, what food to eat and what clothes to put on and what wife to marry, and not care about their soul and they don’t have the Spirit at all.




But you, my loved ones, be always building yourself up in your most special faith, praying in the Spirit.

Keep yourself living in the love of God, looking for the amazing special love of the Lord Jesus, the promised one to save us onto forever life.


On some people be kind, because it will help them get to Jesus; and scare others by telling about the fire that they will be in forever if they don’t want Jesus.




And hate they bad stuff that makes us dirty.

So let’s be real happy to the One who saves us and keeps us on the path and keeps us from falling down and who is bringing us to stand in front of His shiny brightness with real big happiness.

To the only God who is smart and wise, who saves us, be all the shiny brightness and power and kinglyness now and forever. We believe it.