Paul said more to the followers in the city called Corinth. He said, I am a leader like you. You came to follow Jesus because of what I told you. Jesus made me one of His top leaders.

I can eat and drink and have a wife who is from Jesus like the other leaders. Do we plant a vineyard and then not eat the grapes?


I tell you things for your heart and you can help me with food to eat. That would be right, but I didn’t do that. I got my own food so the good words of Jesus could go even farther out into the world.

I want to do this, and to tell more and more people about Jesus, ones under the rules, and ones in God’s special love. I want to bring all ones to Jesus.




Run good so that you will win the prize that lasts forever. I don’t let myself think about stuff that won’t help me win the prize.

My brothers, I want you to be smart. All our fathers were under God’s cloud and they all went through when God split apart the sea and they all ate the same food for their hearts and all drank the same water. But some of them still did bad and had to be spanked.



Everything in the special writings God put there for us, the other people born down the years that will believe in Jesus.


Don’t get puffed up by thinking you are doing good because God is the one that helps you. God won’t let more come on you than you can take but will make a place to escape to and He will get you out of it.


It is God who is with us and He is most fun. His special love for us is so big. Always do what is best for your brother first and not yourself first.



Don’t do stuff that tears people down, just build them up in Jesus.




Don’t worry about the food you eat because God made all the stuff we eat. The whole world is His and everything in it.

So when you go to a party at someone’s house, eat whatever they give you. But if someone says, That’s bad, then don’t eat it because of the person who said it.



Do everything you do to show God’s special love and shiny brightness.



Paul told the people in his letter, Follow me because I follow the special promised One, Jesus.

I want you to know that Jesus is the leader over every man and the man is the leader over the woman and the leader over Jesus is God, the Father in heaven.

If a man prays to God with his head covered up it is embarrassing. But the woman needs to have her head covered up when she prays. God gave her hair for her covering.



Man shouldn’t cover over his head because he is the shiny brightness of God.

The man wasn’t made for the woman but the woman was made for the man. And the man comes by the woman, but both come from God. If anyone thinks something else about the hair, don’t make a fight of it.

When you come to church, you are getting together and just making trouble. There are bad ways there with you. Bad stuff must be there to test and see who will follow God. You are getting together just to eat with each other instead of loving God together, but you can do that at home.  And if you are hungry, you can eat at home.





When Jesus broke the bread for us He said, This is my body which is broken to save you. Do this to remember Me.

Jesus took the cup after they ate and said, This is the new way of My blood, remember Me every time you drink it because this is My blood I give to save you.




Do this until Jesus comes again because it shows that He died to take all your spanking for all your bad stuff until He comes back.




Many are weak and sick because they don’t believe that Jesus took it all away.



So be happy about all the good stuff Jesus did for you.

Paul told them too, I want you to know the special powers that God gave you. There are different kinds of powers but all from One Spirit. And it is God that works all of it in everyone. And it is all to help everyone know Jesus better and stay more in Him.


God gives some to be smart and to others to know lots of things by the same Holy Spirit. Some can do miracles and some can tell what’s going to happen.

God gives some to be able to see what kind of spirit it is, and some talk in other languages that God gives them that they didn’t learn, so they can talk better to God and to tell more people about Jesus. And some other ones tell what they said in the other language.

Just like your body is all one thing but lots of parts, all the people that follow Jesus are lots, but all one body in Jesus, because the Spirit puts them all in Him. So the foot can’t say, I don’t need the hand. And it can’t say, I’m not part of Jesus because I’m not the hand. The ear can’t say, I’m not in the body because I’m not the eye. Doesn’t the body need eyes and ears?

God put the body together like He wanted to. If everything was the eye, then how could the body hear? God put the body together so that it all fits together just right, and every part is important. And so it all needs all the rest so it won’t be split up at all.



If one is in trouble then all are sad. If one is lifted up then all are happy.




And I show you something next that is better even than all this.