The Spirit says that in the later times some will go away from what Jesus says and hear words from tricky ones and bad ones that burn their heart so they don’t want God.

They will tell people not to get married and not to eat meat; but these are good things God gave us to have, and be happy in, and be happy in Him for giving them to us.



Everything God made is good and for us to be happy about because God makes it good for us by His word and praying.





Keep showing the brothers these things and you will be doing good stuff.


But don’t listen to old ladies stories, but just keep looking at what God is and keep looking at all that He does and keep staying close to Him.


Doing exercises helps the body for a little bit of time, but looking at God, and praying to Him, and knowing what He does, lasts for always and always.


It is true that trouble comes to us because we follow the living God who saves all men.



Teach these things to others and keep reading the special words from God until I get there to tell you more of them.



Keep in the Spirit and keep thinking about these things and then everyone will see how good it is.


Keep looking to see if you are following the true Jesus, so you will be saved and the ones who hear you will be saved.

Don’t be hard on the older people as you teach them, but talk to them with kind words like a father and talk to the older ladies with kind words like talking to your mom.



Help the older ones whose husbands have died to have enough food and clothes, but not the younger ones because they will go away and get married again.



If a man doesn’t work to get food and clothes for his family, he is worse than the bad ones.

Make sure the older ladies are more than 60 years old and ones who always do the good stuff, not sitting around doing nothing and blabbing their mouths, making trouble everywhere.



Some have already turned away from Jesus to follow the bad one.


Don’t do anything that will make people say bad stuff about us, because that says bad stuff about God.




Let the workers in the church who teach the special words from God have double pay.




And when someone does bad, tell him to stop in front of everyone, so they all will learn not to do that.





I order you in front of God and the Lord Jesus and all the special angels that you do all this without picking favorites.



And don’t be fast to put your hands on anyone to give them the Holy Spirit; and don’t be with others when they are doing bad stuff. Keep pure and clean inside and out.

Don’t drink water now, but take a little bit of wine to keep your tummy quiet and to keep away the sicknesses that keep coming on you.


Hold high the one in charge over you, so God will be lifted up because of you. If they follow Jesus too, don’t hate them, but do them good service because they are with you in believing.




If people say other stuff than what I told you, they are puffed up, and doing stuff that is empty and won’t get them any rewards. Their thinking is all twisted up.




But keep your eyes looking at God in your heart is getting the biggest stuff. We didn’t bring stuff with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take any of this stuff here with us when we go to heaven.



Wanting all this stuff in the world is a trick and brings lots of trouble.



Loving money is the start of all bad stuff and brings lots of bad troubles on everyone.




But keep on saying, 'No!' to the bad ones to keep believing in Jesus.

I tell you in front of God, who makes and keeps everything alive, to guard the special words and don’t let any spots of bad get on you until we see Jesus, who is the best and most special King over everything.

Only He keeps on living and living forever and ever and He lives in the best most special light. To Him is all the goodness and rightness and shiny brightness and power on and on forever.

Tell the rich ones in this world not to lean on their money, but to lean on the God who made us and gives us lots of everything to have fun with.

And have the rich ones do good stuff with their money, and help the ones who are poor, because that puts lots of riches for them saved up in heaven for when they get up there.

O Timmy, guard the good words and don’t look at the empty words of blabbermouths that think they know about science. They are getting it all wrong.



The amazing special love of God be with you. We believe it.