Paul said in his letter to the followers in Rome, My heart is really heavy and I’m so sad because my people, my brothers, in Israel don’t want Jesus.

All God’s good stuff was given to them. He wants to adopt them to be His children forever. They were given all His special brightness and the promises and the rules and the special writings and doing good things for God in His house. And God’s very own Son came down to them from heaven to be in a body like us. Even with all this good stuff, some don’t want to believe in Jesus.

It is the ones who believe in Jesus that will be God’s children. Like Abraham, it was from believing God’s promise that Isaac came. And like Rebecca, she was told the younger one would be over the older one. It’s not by what we do, but it’s from the One who makes it all happen.




Can God do bad stuff? No way.

God told Moses, I will give My special love on the ones that I will give it to. I want to be kind to everyone. It’s not from the ones who want it or who don’t want it, but it is from God who gives all His special love to everyone.

The special writings tell that God raised up Pharoah to show God’s love and power to be told around all the world. He made some bad ones and put up with their badness for a long time, to show His strongness and goodness and big love that everyone can have.

He wants even the bad ones that will come to Him. He will make them children of the living God and take away all their badness and give them all His goodness.




God will finish the work and make it right. He will do it quick in the world.



The bad ones from the other countries are made right and good when they believe. If God didn’t keep some people for Himself, all would have gone bad.

And some who try real hard, don’t get to God, because they don’t do it His way. He says to believe, not try hard by yourself. They trip over the Rock that God put there to save us. But the ones who believe won’t be embarrassed.

Paul told them, I want most of all and pray to God for Israel that they will believe and be saved. They are very busy for God, but not the right way. They don’t know that God gave them His own rightness when He gave them Jesus so they are trying to be right all by themselves.

If you say from your mouth that Jesus is the Lord and believe that God raised Him up from being dead, you will be saved. Your heart believes it and your mouth tells it and you are saved. The ones who believe won’t be embarrassed.

Everyone from Israel and everyone from all the other countries are the same. The Lord is rich to everyone who calls out to Him. Whoever calls out to the Lord will be saved.


How can they call out to Him if they haven’t heard about Him? And how can they hear about Him if no one goes to tell them? How can they go to tell them if no one sends them? Their feet are very beautiful that walk on the mountains to tell all the countries about Jesus.



Believing comes from hearing God’s word about Jesus.

The other countries of the world look for God everyday and find Him, but God’s reaches out His hand everyday to His country of Israel, who won’t listen to Him and don’t want Him.






Then Paul asked in his letter, Has God thrown away His people? Never!


When Elijah told the Lord, I am the only one left who wants you, the Lord told Elijah, I have kept 7,000 in Israel have not bowed down to the bad one.

And now too, God keeps for Himself, some who don’t want the bad one. God always knew what each one would want. And it is by His good special love, not by works that we do. It can’t be you and God at the same time. If it is by you, then it isn’t by God.

Israel was trying and couldn’t find it. God let them sleep and their ears didn’t hear Him. Not so they won’t get Him, but so that He can save the whole world.


When Israel tripped and fell, trying to do it by all by themselves, it made all God’s special riches to go to all the other countries all over the world.




It’s like a tree that a branch was broken off for a little time so that the whole world could be planted into the tree.

So don’t get puffed up and think you are the whole tree instead of a branch that God put into the tree. The tree holds you up.





Now if they believe again, they will be put into God’s tree again.



Paul told the followers in his letter to Rome, I want you to know this special secret so you won’t be puffed up about yourself: some fell away in Israel so that you could be put into God’s tree.



The special writings said, From Zion will come the Savior who will turn away the bad stuff. This is My deal that I take away their sins.

In the old days that went before you didn’t believe God, but now, because they turned away from God, you believe and came to Him. And now they too will come back to His special love.

How big is God’s smartness and wiseness? Who knows the amazing things He thinks of? There is no end to His smartness and how much He knows. From Him, and by Him, and back to Him is everything. All the specialness and brightness is His for always and ever. We believe it.

So I beg you by His special love that you give yourself to Him to live in Him. That is the right thing to do. And don’t be shaped in your thinking like the world because they follow the bad ones. But let your mind be changed to think like God, and  to know what He wants because what He wants is perfect.




So don’t think puffed up about yourself, but just believe what God says in His special writings.

We are all parts of His body and don’t do the same things. Some tell God’s words, and some tell what is going to happen next. Some help other people and some heal people. Some teach the right stuff. Some are leaders. Some give lots of stuff to ones who need it.


Whatever God has you do, do it simple and easy and right and kind. Don’t be sloppy or do a bad job. But do it good because you are doing it for God.


Be happy about all the good stuff coming and be quiet and leaning on God when trouble comes and be always praying.

Give to followers who need help and always make them welcome at your house. Be happy when others are happy and cry with them when they cry.

Don’t try to be like the high people but stay with the low people. Don’t try to be smart and wise by yourself. Be smart in God’s smartness.

Don’t pay back bad stuff when people do bad to you. Don’t lie or trick people but try to be quiet and get along with everyone. Don’t payback your own self but let God do it for you. That’s His job. He will do it better.

If one hates you and is hungry, give food to him. It will pile burning coals on his head.  Don’t let bad take you over, take the bad stuff over with your good stuff.