Saul got letters from leaders to go to other cities and beat and put in jail and kill the followers of Jesus.

When he was going on the road to another city, the shiny brightness of the Lord shined from heaven on Saul and he fell down to his knees and heard Jesus talking to him, saying, Why are you hurting Me?


Saul said, Who are you, Lord? And Jesus said, I am Jesus that you are hurting. It is hard for you to fight against Me.



Saul was so scared he couldn’t talk and his eyes couldn’t see. So men led him by the hand to the city.

There was a man in the city that was a follower of Jesus and he saw in dream while he was awake Jesus talking to him. Jesus told him to go to the house where Saul was, and make his eyes see again, and put your hands on him to give him the Holy Spirit.


The man said, I heard about this man. He does lots of bad stuff against you, Lord. Then Jesus told him, I have picked him to do good stuff for Me. He is going to tell the other countries of the world that all about Me.



So the man went and put his hands on Saul and prayed for him. Then Saul could see again and the Holy Spirit came and lived in him.


Saul’s name was changed to Paul and he went out right away telling everyone that Jesus was the promised Son of God sent to save us. And just by believing in him you get saved from all bad stuff and can go to heaven with God forever.




The leaders in that city heard what Paul was doing and tried to kill him, so his friends let him down in a basket from the city wall and Paul went away.

When the followers heard about what happened to the one who was trying to stop them and kill them they were so happy.




And followers were all living in the Holy Spirit and very happy.




As Peter went about through the cities he found a man who had been so sick that he couldn’t get out of bed for 8 years.

Peter told him, Jesus, the promised One, makes you all well. The man was made well and got right up.





When the people in those cities saw what happened they turned to the Lord, too.




In another city where Peter went there was a lady who made clothes and coats for people. But she died.

The followers there told Peter about it and he went and kneeled down by the lady and prayed to God in heaven. Then told her, Get up. And she was alive again and got up. When the people in that city knew about it, many of them believed in the Lord too, and were saved, and were given the Holy Spirit.



There was a soldier in another city that loved the Lord and would always pray to God. He saw in a dream while he was awake, an angel of God coming down from heaven to him who said, Your prayers went up to God and He heard you. So send to the city of Joppa for a man whose name is Peter. He will tell you what to do.

Peter was in the housetop garden praying and God showed him an amazing thing. The heaven opened and a big sheet was let down from heaven with all kinds of animals and birds in it that the children of Israel were not supposed to eat.

A voice said, Get up Peter, kill and eat them. Peter said, No Lord, I have never eaten the dirty animals. God told him then, What I have made clean, don’t call it dirty. The same thing happened two more times.

And while Peter was wondering what it was about, the men came from the soldier to get Peter. God helped Peter to know that it was ok to go tell the people who weren’t the children of Israel, but from other countries of the world, all about Jesus because He died to save them, too.



So Peter went with the men to the other city were the soldier lived.

When they got to the soldiers house they saw that the soldier had brought all his friends and family to be ready to hear when Peter got there.

When Peter went in they were all waiting to hear. The soldier bowed down to Peter, but Peter said, Get up, don’t bow down to me because I am just a man, too.

The soldier told Peter, Four days ago while I was praying an angel in bright clothes came from heaven and told me to send for you to tell us all the things God commanded you.


So Peter said, Now I see that God doesn’t hold one person or country high above the others; but anyone anywhere who wants Him and does what He says is hugged by Him.

God told, by Jesus, how to not be fighting with God but to be in quietness with Him. Jesus is now the boss over everything everywhere in heaven and in the world.

God sent down His very own Son from heaven and put His Holy Spirit on Him and He went all around letting people loose that the bad ones had tied up, and making them all well from their sicknesses, because God was with Him.


Then the leaders killed Him, nailing Him to a tree; but God raised Him up from being dead after three days went by.

He told us to go tell everyone everywhere that all their bad stuff was erased and they could go to heaven for free.

While Peter was still talking, the Holy Spirit came on every one of the people in the room who were hearing Peter’s words. And they started talking in other languages from other countries telling all about the good stuff about God.

So they were all dunked and Peter stayed with them for a while.