In Paul’s letter to the followers in Rome, he said more. He said, By believing in Jesus we are doing right in front of God, and have quiet good peace with God. We can get all the good stuff by believing, and then we will be happy in all God’s good special love for us.

We are happy even when bad stuff happens because the bad stuff makes us lean on Jesus more and see more of Him and His power. Troubles make us look more at Him and wait for Him more.

And nothing makes us embarrassed because God’s special love fills up our hearts by the Holy Spirit of God that God gave to us. When we had nothing and were really weak, Christ died for us bad ones who were doing bad.

Men won’t die hardly even for a good man, but God poured out His love on us that when we were still bad and doing bad, Jesus died for us. So now much more, being brought back to God, Jesus’ life will keep on saving us from being bad and all the bad stuff.

Jesus makes us so happy in God, showing us all the amazing stuff about God who now has covered all our bad stuff.

From one man, Adam, all the bad stuff came into the world and all did bad stuff then. But the bad didn’t show until God gave Moses the rules.




The dead things were still ruling in the world up to then even when they didn’t do the same bad thing Adam did.

Adam was the first one to show what God’s Son would be like. But he messed up really big. Adam’s one bad thing went on everyone and they all did bad; and now Jesus’ one good thing can go on everyone too, and they will all do good like God wants.

The bad stuff was being the boss for a while so that now the good special love from God can be over everything forever by Jesus, the promised One, the Lord.

So should we do lots of bad stuff so that lots of good stuff can happen? No way! How can we who did bad, still stay in all that yukky stuff. When we were dunked we were put inside Jesus. So we died when He died and now we live because He is alive in God’s special life.


The old, bad part of us was nailed to the tree with Jesus and killed so we can live in the God’s good stuff from now on. The bad stuff can’t keep us anymore. We can pick God’s good stuff.





You are dead to doing bad stuff and awake to doing God’s special life.


Don’t let the bad stuff get back in again. Give your heart and thinking to be with God and keep looking at Him.


The one you pick, that’s what you will do. Tell God ‘thank you’ that the bad one can’t make us do bad anymore.



We are let free from being bad. We were weak and let ourselves do bad stuff then, but now we can give ourself to do good stuff and right stuff.




We are embarrassed about the bad stuff we did, but now good stuff will go up to God from us and we will be happy with God for always and ever.

The bad stuff makes everything dead but the amazing present from God is to live forever in all the special good stuff of God because of Jesus the special One, the One who controls everything.

Paul said, Don’t you know that the rules are over you while you are living? But your old way and bad stuff died with Jesus on the cross. You wouldn’t know that you did bad if God didn’t give His good rules.




When you try to do the rules, then you see you can’t, and you see why you need Jesus. 


Paul said, I want to do what is right, but I do the bad stuff. Bad stuff fights in me to do bad. It’s real yukky to me. But I am so happy and thank God that in Jesus He gave me to win over the bad stuff and live the right good way to God.

In Jesus no bad stuff will be put on you. You don’t feel bad anymore because Jesus’ good life is yours and all your bad stuff is all gone for always.




Jesus did all the rules right and God gave that good report to our side when we trusted in Him.

The rules couldn’t make us better, but God sent His Son down from heaven to be like us and to make us better. If you think about Jesus and His good stuff you will be doing the good stuff; but if you keep looking at the bad stuff you might start doing bad again.



The bad part of you is still going away from God, but His Spirit is always bringing you back to God.

The bad part of us can’t make God happy, but His Spirit in you is the happy life. The Father in heaven made us His children and we call Him Daddy. Since we are His children, He gives us all His stuff with Jesus. If it is hard for us sometimes, we will share His special brightness.

The troubles we get sometimes are very tiny if we look at them beside all the good stuff God is giving us. Everything God made is waiting for the children of God to see.


The things God made were put in an empty place so it could be shown what is empty and bad and all the empty bad stuff taken away for always in God’s special love and shiny brightness.

We trust God and hope for all the good stuff we don’t see now but will see soon. If we already see it, we don’t need to look for it or hope for it.



The Spirit helps when we are weak and prays for stuff we don’t know that we need yet.

God looks in all the places of our hearts and knows what the Spirit is thinking because His Spirit does what God wants. God is moving it all together to make good stuff from everything that happens for the ones that love Him.




God knew all about you before He made anything and set you to be like His Son. God made you right and erased all the bad and gave you His shiny brightness.


If God is on our side, who can stand against us? God gave us his favorite best thing for us, Jesus, so then He will give us everything else too.


Who can be against you? God is the one who says what happens about everything. The One who loves you so much that He died for you is sitting at the right side of God who is the boss over everything everywhere. So no one can come against you.

Can anything break us apart from God’s love? Can troubles or upsets, or fightings, or no food, or no clothes, or dangers, or swords, or guns, or bombs? No! Nothing can break you apart from God’s love. We are more than the best winners in the One who loved us.

I know for sure that not death, or life, or angels, or rulers in this world or rulers in heaven, nor highness or lowness or anything can break us apart from God’s love that is in Jesus the promised One that controls everything everywhere.