God talked to people in different times and in different ways. Now in the last times He talked to us through His Son,




God set His Son to get to own everything everywhere for always.





His Son is the One God made the worlds by.



God’s Son is His own very special shiny brightness and exactly like Him.




His Son holds up everything by the biggest amazing power of the word that He says out of His mouth.

His Son washed away all our sins all by Himself, and then sat down on the right side of God’s amazing majesty, in the highest place of over the heavens.





God’s Son is so much better than angels, and has a better name, and did so much better than any one of them.




God didn’t ever tell any of the angels, You are My Son, today I birthed You.


God didn’t tell any of the angels, I will be your Dad and You will be My Son.



God said when He sent His Son into the world, Let all the angels fall down and bow down to Him and think the highest about Him in their thinking.





To the angels God says, You are my spirits and flames of fire.


To the Son God says, Your throne, O God will last forever and ever, and your ruling power will always do right in Your kingdom.

You loved to do what is right and you hated the bad stuff, so God made you more happy than any one of the others.




And you, Lord, at the first start laid down the ground that the world stands on.

The heavens were made by Your hands. They will go away, but you will always be here. They will get old like a shirt and You will change them.





But You are the same and never run out of years.






What angel did God tell, Sit down right here beside me until I make the ones who hate you to be the footstool for your feet?


The angels were all sent out to serve the ones you are saving.

So let’s stay real strong about what we heard because the word the angels told them was right and every bad thing was spanked, how won’t we get spanked when we got saved so big.




God gave big signs and gave His Holy Spirit to show His way was the right way.



God didn’t put the world that will come under the bossing of angels but under men.


God made men lower than the angels and then crowned them with His special shiny brightness and put them over the world that He made. He put man as the boss over everything.




But we don’t see it yet. It is coming soon.


Jesus was made lower than angels to die for our bad stuff, but He is now crowned with God’s special shiny brightness and put as boss over everything.



And Jesus makes us to be many sons of God and brings us with Him.




He sings the best high words to God in the middle of us.

The children have flesh and bones, so Jesus took on Himself flesh and bones, so that He could win for them over the bad one and even kill the power of death, the devil.




And by His death, Jesus let go all the ones the bad one had been keeping tied up for himself.


Jesus didn’t come in an angel’s body but in a mans body, like Abraham and his children, so He could be a high priest to God for them all.




He had to be tested in every way like they are tested so He could help them when they are being tested.