So stand strong in being free and don’t be tricked or tied up again by the rules. If you do, then Jesus’ good stuff can’t be working in you, until you go back to leaning at Him.




In Jesus, the rules don’t work. Only leaning on Him makes His love run free in your heart.

You were running real good. What happened? Who tricked you to turn away from the truth? This didn’t come from Jesus who called you.




A little but of bad makes it all bad. And I know that the one who is making trouble for you will be spanked.




All the rules are filled up in one rule: love the others close to you like you love yourself.



If you bite and hit each other, bad stuff will gobble you up.




Keep walking in the Spirit and you won’t do the bad stuff. The bad stuff and the Spirit are always fighting to be in charge over you.



Paul told them, What I want to do, I can’t. And the bad stuff I don’t want to do, that’s what I’m always doing. Who will let me go from this fighting inside me?



If you keep watching and follow the Spirit, you won’t be under the rules.


The bad stuff all comes out from the bad part in us and hurts us and other people, and lies, and makes lots of trouble, and that’s how we all were once.

But now we have the Spirit and the Spirit fills us with being happy and loving God and loving other people and helps us be good and quiet in our heart and He helps us to control ourself.



All the bad stuff was hung with Jesus on the cross and died.



The ones who keep on doing the bad stuff won’t get to own the kingdom of God for themself.




So let’s keep on following the Spirit, and walking in Him, and not bragging, or being puffed up, or making other people mad, or wanting their stuff.

If any of the followers are doing a bad thing, then let someone tell him and bring him back to the right way and don’t be puffed up about it so you won’t start doing bad too.





Carry each other’s trouble because that is what Jesus would do.




If you think you are a big deal then you are nothing and you are tricking yourself.



Let what you do show that Jesus is living in you and you will be very happy about what you do.




Share all your good things with the ones who teach you about God.


And don’t be tricked. We can’t make fun of God. What we do is what we will get back from God.



If we do the bad stuff our old self wants to do then it will bring bad stuff on us.




If we do what the Spirit wants us to do we will get the best life that goes on and on forever.


When the right time comes we will get back the good stuff we did if we don’t get tired and give up and stop.




So do good to all people and best for the followers because they are our brothers in Jesus.




I, Paul, am signing this letter with my own writing.


The ones who want you to do the rules just want to brag about how good they made you so the bad ones won’t be chasing them.




May God not ever let me brag about anything but that Jesus loved me so much that He died to take my spanking.




All the stuff of this world is not important to me anymore, only Jesus in heaven.



In Jesus we are an all made into a new kind of person that has Jesus living inside us.




Peace be on all the ones that walk by this way.






Nobody give me trouble because I have Jesus marks on my body.



Brothers, God’s special amazing love be with your spirit. I believe it.