Paul then told them about the power from the Spirit that is better than any of the other powers. Paul said, Even if I talk the best words from men and the best words from angels, but don’t have love, I am like a bad sound.

If I tell everything that will come and every hidden secret and know everything and have trust in God big enough to move the mountains, but don’t have love, I am an empty nothing.



If I give everything I have to help the poor ones have food and if I give my body up to be burned but don’t have love, it is no good to me.


Love waits quiet through all troubles. And stays kind when mean stuff from other people lasts a long time. Love still treats them nice.



Love doesn’t want other people’s stuff but is happy with what it has, love doesn’t think it is better than others people and love isn’t puffed up.

Love doesn’t do silly stuff and doesn’t want its own self to go first and can’t be stirred up to get mad and doesn’t think any bad stuff. Love isn’t happy about the bad stuff but is happy in what is right and true.


Love carries the troubles and keeps on trusting God in everything and knows God will do everything He said, and love puts up with all things.

Love never stops. The future telling will be done and the special languages will be done, and the learning the stuff will disappear, because we only know a little stuff, and we only tell a little part about what will happen next. But when the perfect One comes all the little parts will be gone because no one needs them anymore.

When I was a little child I talked like a little child, I knew what a child knows and I was thinking like a little child. But now that I am big, I put away all the toys and do big people stuff.

Now we only see a little bit about God, but then we will see Him, looking close in His face. Now we just know a little bit, but then we will know everything about Him like He knows everything about us.


Faith is here and knowing that God is here and love is here but the best of them is love.


So always follow love and want the best powers from God, the powers that will help everyone know more about God.

The one that talks the special language is talking to God and not to people. People don’t understand him. He is talking love secrets to God in the God’s Spirit.



The one who tells God’s words to people builds them up in God and helps them be better and feel better.


The one talking the special language in front of people who don’t know God, they look silly and make God look silly.



Don’t talk the special words in front of people unless one is there to tell you what the words means. That way it will build people up in the Him.

God told in His special writings long time ago that the special language would come. God made everything to be plain and not confused or messy. He made it to be happy and quiet.

Ladies, don’t talk in the church. That isn’t allowed. If the ladies want to ask a question, let them ask their man later when they are at home, because it’s embarrassing for ladies to talk in the church.



If anyone thinks they are right then they will say this same thing as what I am saying, said Paul.

So want to tell God’s words most, but don’t stop the people from talking the special love words to God. Do everything all in the right way with the most important stuff first.

Paul said to the followers, I told you the good words that you stand in, that saved you from bad stuff. Keep those words close in your heart and think about them a lot that Jesus died in our place for our bad stuff we did, and was put in the grave, and He was brought back from being dead three days after.


And lots of people saw Him die and be buried and then lots of people saw Him when He was back from being dead.

Since Jesus is back from being dead, how can some say that no one comes back from being dead? If that was true then it is all for nothing. And we would still all be left in all our bad stuff.

But Jesus is back from being dead, the first one to be living on now for always. Then, when He comes back He will bring the other ones who died with Him.



From Adam all are dead and in Jesus all are alive. Jesus is first, and then all the rest of us, each in their right group.

When Jesus finishes winning over every bad one, He will give the kingdom back to the Father. Jesus must be ruling over everything until all the last bad ones are beaten. Then the last thing Jesus will win over is being dead. Then God will be over all and in all forever.


Don’t be tricked. Bad talking turns us bad. Be awake to staying close to God and don’t do bad because some don’t know anything about God.

What kind of body will we get then? It’s like when you put a seed in the ground and it grows up into a beautiful tree. These bodies we have now will turn into a great, amazing body like Jesus has now.




Some people won’t die at all, but Jesus will just lift them up in His arms out of this world when it is time.

A trumpet will blast out and the dead bodies will come up out of the ground and the ones still alive in the world will be changed and caught up as fast as you blink your eye. And then death can’t get us anymore. So stand strong in Jesus always helping His work because you will get big treasures for it.

When you get your pay for your job, put a part of it in a special place to save for me when I come, so I can take it to other followers who need it in Jerusalem for you to share with them.




I hope to come visit you on the way, if God lets it happen.

God opened a great big door for me to help lots of people come close to Him, but lots of bad ones are trying to stop me.


Keep staying away from the bad stuff and watching to keep bad stuff out of your hearts. Keep on trusting God and be strong in Him. Do everything with lots of love.



All the church over here where I am say ‘hi’ to you. They helped me a lot. I am signing this letter with my own writing.



God’s amazing special love be with all of you. If anyone doesn’t love Jesus let bad stuff be on him. Big hugs and kisses, Paul