John was a special follower and leader of Jesus who was with Jesus when He was in the world.

This is what John said about Jesus, The thing that was in the beginning before God made everything, and that we heard, and our eyes looked at, and our hands touched, the Word about life.

Life was showed to us and we saw it and tell you about it and show you that life that lasts forever and was with the Father in heaven was showed to us.

What we saw and heard, we now tell you, so you can be friends with us, and it is true that we are friends with the Father in heaven and with His Son, Jesus Christ, the One promised to save us.


We write to tell you this so you will be full of the best and highest happiness.




This is what we tell you: God is light and there is not one speck of darkness in Him.




If was say we are friends with Him but walk in the dark, then we are lying and not telling the truth.

But if we walk in the light like He is in the light, we are friends with each other and the blood of Jesus keeps us clean from all the bad stuff.



If we say that we don’t have any bad stuff, then we are tricking ourself and the true stuff is not in us.



If we tell our bad stuff to Him, He is will forgive all our bad stuff and clean us up from all the bad stuff.

If we say we don’t have any bad stuff, then we are making Him a liar and His word is not in us.


John said more to the followers. He said, My little kids, I write this stuff to you so you won’t do bad, but if any does bad we have a lawyer with the Father, Jesus, the right One, sent to save us.



He paid for all our bad stuff and not just ours but for all the bad stuff of the whole world.




Here is how to know if we know Jesus: it is if we do what He says. Ones who don’t do His rules are liars and not true ones.

But the ones who hear and do what He said in His special writings, God’s special amazing love is in him.

This isn’t a new thing to do, but the same one from the beginning. The darkness is gone and the light is here.


If you love your brothers you are walking in the light. The ones walking in the dark don’t know where they are going.



I write to you little children because your bad stuff is forgiven for Jesus sake.

I write to you little children because you know the Father in heaven. I write to you fathers because you have known the one that is from the beginning. I write to the young men because you have beat the bad one.

Don’t love the world or the stuff in it. If you love the world the love of the Father isn’t in you. All that is in the world is wanting other stuff and being puffed up. That isn’t from the Father in heaven but from the world.

This world is going to disappear but the one who does what God wants will stay forever.

Little ones, it is the last days and the bad one will come to be king over the world for a little bit. Even now there are many of them. That’s how we know its almost time for Jesus to come.




They left us because they weren’t really for us, else they would stay. They left so we could see they were just pretending to be with us.




You have a special power from the Holy One and you know everything.

I wrote to you because you know what is true. The bad one is the one who says Jesus isn’t the promised one from the Father in heaven. That one doesn’t have the Father or the Son in him.

The ones who have Jesus have the Father too. So keep those true words inside your heart, what you heard at the start, and you will be staying in the Son and in the Father.



And He promises that you will always know Him, living forever.

I write this stuff about the ones who are trying to trick you and push you away from Jesus and His kingdom.

The special power on you from the Holy One will teach you everything. He is the truth and not a lie and you will stay in Him.




So little children, stay in Him so that when He gets here we will be sure and not embarrassed in front of Him when He comes back.





You know He is right and everyone who does right is born from Him.