Then a man and his wife sold some land that was theirs and took part of the money and laid it at the feet of the 12 top followers like it was the whole amount.

Peter said to the man, Why has the bad one filled your heart to tell a lie to God’s Holy Spirit? The land was always yours. You didn’t have to sell it and give the money. You haven’t lied to man but to God. When the man heard this he fell down dead.


Then when the man’s wife came in Peter asked her, Did you sell land for this amount of money. The woman said, Yes, that much.

Peter told her, You and your husband planned to lie to the Holy Spirit. She fell down too and died. All the followers were really scared then and wouldn’t ever lie to the Holy Spirit of God. Many special wonders were done by Jesus’ followers and many people believed in Jesus.

People from everywhere came and brought sick ones to lay them in the street so when Peter just passed by them, his shadow would touch them and they would be made well because Jesus’ Spirit was in Peter.

The leaders came and put the followers in prison but Lord sent His angel at night to open the door and let them out. They went into the temple to teach the people about Jesus and heal them from all troubles and sicknesses.



The leaders were told that followers got out and were in the temple teaching the people, and so the leaders took them again and told them to stop. Peter said, Should we obey God or man?

The God of our Fathers raised up Jesus, the one you killed. God sat Jesus at His right hand to be a Prince and Hero to bring back people to Him and forgive all bad stuff.

We saw it and tell you what is true. And God gave His Holy Spirit to the ones who do what He says. The leaders were cut to their heart and planned how they could kill these followers too.

But one man of the leaders stood up and said, Watch out what you plan to do to these men. If they are from God you can’t stop them. You will even be fighting against God.


So the leaders all let them followers go and they went home and came to the temple everyday to teach and tell about Jesus Christ.

So the days went on with God saving men; and then a trouble came up with the followers that the women whose husbands had died were not getting their share of the food.


The top followers said, Is it right that we stop giving people the word of God to give the women supper? So they picked seven honest men to do that part.



And the top followers kept on praying and teaching the people the words from God.




And the word of God kept on growing in the country and the world and getting into more and more people’s hearts.

A man who was called Stephen was full of trust for God and full of the power from God. He did lots of special wonders and amazing signs with the people.

Some other followers didn’t like it and made up lies about Stephen and stirred up the people so much that they took him to judgment and were about to kill him.


Stephen looked up to heaven and said to the people, Listen my brothers, The God of all special brightness showed Himself to our Father Abraham and told him to go out from that country to a special land that God would show him to live in.

Abraham went there and believed God’s promise to give him his own son when he was too old to have kids. But God can do anything and so God made Abraham and his wife, Sarah, young again and gave them Isaac. Then Isaac had his son, Jacob, and Jacob God gave Jacob 12 sons.



And when there was no food, they went to Egypt to buy food. And Joseph who they had sold away to be a slave years before, was there. And God had made him the next leader of the land under their king.



So Joseph sent for his father, Jacob, and his brothers, and they lived in Egypt and had lots of everything they needed and they all grew old and went away into the next life.

After Joseph was dead the king was scared of the children of Israel because there were lots and lots of them and they were very strong, so this king treated them real bad so and God’s people were hurting and crying out to God.

And God had already got ready one to save them called Moses. God talked to Moses from inside a bush that was burning with the shiny brightness of God and told Moses, Take off your shoes because your feet are standing on very special ground.

God told him, I have seen the bad stuff the king of Egypt is doing to My people and I will send you to get them out of being slaves there. God showed many special signs and amazing wonders in Egypt and at the Red Sea and in the wilderness.

Moses talked to God on the mountain and gave His special rules and said He would send a special One like them. But after a while they didn’t hear the rules anymore and wanted to go back to Egypt. But God helped them and led them in the wilderness and then brought them into the special land that He promised to Abraham long years before.


Solomon built a house for the Lord God there, but the Most High One doesn’t live in houses that men’s hands make. Heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool. His hands made everything in heaven and earth.

Stephen told the people, you are hard against the Lord and have killed the ones that He sent to help you. When the people heard Stephen say this they were cut in their hearts and got really mad and were grinding their teeth together against him.

Stephen was filled with the Holy Spirit of God and kept his eyes looking up into heaven and he saw the shiny brightness of the Lord and Jesus standing beside the Lord and said, I see the heavens opened and the Son of man standing on the right hand side of God.



The people ran at Stephen and covered their ears from hearing him threw rocks at him. A young man whose name was Saul was standing there with them and they laid their coats at his feet as they threw rocks at Stephen until he died.

Stephen said, Lord Jesus take home to You my spirit. And he kneeled down and said, Don’t count this bad thing on their record. And Stephen fell asleep.

Lots of bad troubles came on the followers at that time and they ran to other cities all over telling all the good stuff about God. Saul went chasing after them to beat them and put them in jail.

A follower whose name was Phillip and told about the special promised one. He did lots of special signs and bad ones came out of people yelling real loud. The people in the city were really happy. But one man there made the people think he was God’s big power. When he saw all the amazing stuff Phillip was doing he believed in Jesus and was dunked. But then he asked how much money could he pay to buy the Holy Spirit.

Peter told him, Your money disappear with you since you thought you could buy the gift of God. Then the man said, Pray for me so this bad thing I did will be erased.

Then the angel of the Lord told Philip to get up and go on the road to the south. As Philip did, a chariot was going by with a man who was from another country, Ethiopia. The man was the top helper to the queen. He was riding in the chariot and reading a roll of the special words from God.

The Holy Spirit told Philip, Go beside this chariot. So Philip ran to the chariot and heard the man reading from the special writings in the book of Isaiah. Philip asked him, Do you know what it means? The man said, How can I know unless someone helps me. Then the man had Philip come up and sit with him in the chariot.



The place the man was reading told about the One to come and take our spanking for all our bad stuff in our place. So Philip started there and told the man all about Jesus.

When the chariot was passing by a river, the man said, Here is water. Can I be dunked too? So Philip baptized him there and then the Spirit of the Lord took Philip up and away and the man didn’t see him again but went back to his country really happy.

Philip was in another city and told them all about Jesus there and kept on going to other cities, telling them about Jesus.