Some people in one city had believed on Jesus but didn’t have the Holy Spirit yet, and so Paul told them about it and put his hands on them and God gave them the Holy Spirit to live in them. And they talked in different languages telling all the good stuff about God.

But some said no, and didn’t believe, so Paul left them and went to another place and stayed there two whole years teaching the good stuff about God.


The Lord God did many special signs by Paul. Even a kleenex that touched Paul’s body would make people well and heal them from every sickness and chase the bad spirits out of them.

One man who had seven sons was throwing out bad spirits by saying the words that Paul said and the bad spirit said to him, I know Jesus and I know Paul, but who are you and the man with the bad spirit in him jumped on him and beat up him and beat up his sons, too.

Jesus name kept getting around more and more and the people thought about Him more and more so that God’s word was stronger than all the bad stuff; and so the people brought all their books about how to do the bad stuff and burned them. Lots and lots of books were burned.

In one city the people had a temple to a beautiful bad one and they made statues of her to sell to people. What Paul was telling everyone made them turn away from the bad beautiful one; so it happened and the statue makers weren’t getting lots of money anymore so they made a big upset and the whole city was mad at Paul.

After hours of upset and yelling, one leader calmed the people down and let Paul go by saying, These men don’t rob our churches or say stuff against our beautiful bad one, so if you have a real thing that they did wrong, take them to court and fix it the right way. This big upset is about to bring the soldiers on us.


After the big fuss was calmed down Paul called the followers to him and hugged them and went away from that city and went to help the people in other cities to be strong in Jesus.

One night Paul was talking to Jesus’ people until midnight in a room upstairs on the third level high up. One boy was sitting in the window and fell asleep and fell down to the ground from upstairs and died.

But Paul went down and prayed and hugged the boy and God put the boy’s life back in his body. When the people saw that God brought back the boy they were really happy.


Paul went in a ship to many places to help people believe in Jesus. At one place he told them, You know how much I have helped you know Jesus and how much trouble has come on me by the bad ones.

Now I want to go to Jerusalem again and tell our brothers there about Jesus, but everywhere, people who know what God is doing, tell me that if I go to Jerusalem they will put me in jail.

But I think that’s ok. I just want to do all that God tells me and finish what he gives me to do, telling everyone how good God is. I told you everything that is true about God.

But I know that when I go, bad ones will come in and tell you bad stuff and try to get you away from Jesus. So keep watching and don’t let that happen.


Paul prayed for the people for God to keep them strong and safe in Him and build them up and give them a big reward that will last forever.

Paul told them, You know that I didn’t want your gold and silver or you clothes, but worked with my own hands to have food to eat and for food for the ones with me. I showed you how we should help the weak ones and to remember how Jesus said, It is better to give than to get.



Then they kneeled down on the beach and prayed and cried and hugged each other because they knew Paul wouldn’t be able to come back to see them anymore. Then they walked Paul to the ship.

Paul went sailing on one ship and then another and then another on his way to go to Jerusalem. Friends and followers of Jesus told him on the way, Don’t go there. They will tie you up and put you in jail.

When Paul got to Jerusalem the Lord’s people there were glad to see him. Paul told them all the stuff God did in the other countries, bringing them into Jesus kingdom and helping them and healing them and giving them His Holy Spirit. They were amazed and happy to hear about it.

Then they wanted Paul to do an old ceremony from the law called a vow, and they wanted Paul to pay for the others too who were doing the vow. The vow was a special thing promised to do for God from the old ways that Jesus finished for us.

Paul was doing it when some bad ones came and arrested Paul to take Him to jail. There was a big mob of people yelling and beating and trying to kill, Paul when the Roman soldiers came to see what was happening.

When the men saw the soldiers coming they stopped beating Paul. The people were yelling so loud about everything that the soldiers couldn’t hear what happened so they took Paul away and as they were going, Paul said, Please, let me talk to the people. So the soldiers stood on the steps guarding Paul as Paul talked to the people.


He said, Men, brothers and fathers, hear why you shouldn’t be trying to kill me. Paul talked in the Jews language, not the Roman language, so the people came closer to hear him.


Paul told them, I am a Jew, like you. I had the best teaching and did everything right in our way to live with God, more than most people. I was hating Jesus too, and hurting the ones who wanted to follow Him.

I was going to the city of Damascus with letters in my hand to get and beat and kill people who believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the special One God sent to save us, when a bright light shined out of heaven on Me, and a voice said, Saul, Saul, why are you hurting Me?


I said, Who are you, Lord? The voice said, I am Jesus of Nazareth that you are hurting.



The men with me saw the light too and were scared, but they didn’t hear the voice that talked to me.

I asked, What am I supposed to do, Lord? And the voice told me, Get up and go to Damascus and you will be told there what to do. So I got up but couldn’t see anything. I was blind because the light was so bright. Men had to lead me by my hand to get to the city.

When I was praying, a man came to see me whose name was Ananias. He said to me, Brother Saul, see again. And I could see again. He told me, The God of our fathers has picked you to know what He wants, and to see the special One, and hear words from His mouth, so you can tell the people what you saw and heard. So get up now, don’t wait. Be dunked to wash away all your bad stuff.

Then, after the long trip on the ships, when I came back to Jerusalem, I was praying in the temple and I saw the Lord again and He told me, Get away from here fast because they won’t hear what you say. I told the Lord, They know that I was the one who was beating and putting people in jail. And I was standing there whey they killed Stephen by throwing rocks at him. The Lord said to me, Go, I will send you far away to the other countries.

The people listened very quietly until Paul said that and then they got mad and started yelling, Get him away. He should die. The soldiers took Paul to the castle and kept him safe from the Jews. They tied up Paul’s hands and were going to whip Paul to get him to tell them stuff, Paul asked them, Can you whip a man who hasn’t been heard in court yet, one who is a Roman?


The soldier told the captain, Be careful what you do to that man, he is a Roman. (The Romans were boss over the Jews then)

The captain went to Paul and said, Are you a Roman? It cost me lots of money to be a Roman. Paul told him yes, I was born a Roman.





Right then they left Paul alone and didn’t whip him.


Then next day they took Paul to the court to hear about what he had done bad and the leaders from the Jews came to tell it.