Jesus took lots of hurt and trouble for us so lets be like that too. The ones who hurt stop doing bad stuff and start doing what God wants the rest of the time.




We did bad long enough.



The ones who are doing bad think you are weird if you don’t keep doing all the bad stuff with them and they say bad stuff about you.

But they all will have to stand before the Lord and tell what they did. Jesus is the One who will be judging the ones alive and the ones who already dead.

That’s why the good words about Jesus were told to the ones living and the ones dead, so we live by God in our spirit.



The end of all things is coming quick, so keep watching and praying and loving each other lots because love covers up lots of bad stuff.

Share your home and food without getting mad and do the special things God gives you to do by His amazing special love in you.





If any man talks, let him say the special words from God.

If any man helps other people let him do it with the strength God gives, so God will be lifted up high in everything by Jesus, the one who gets all the high words and to be boss over everything.

My ones that I love a lot, don’t think its bad when some things happen to you that you don’t like. Those things happen to you to make you grow stronger, but be real happy because you are being like Jesus.

You are real happy when people say bad stuff about you because of Jesus, because the Spirit of the shiny brightness of the glory of God is shining on you.



But don’t let any of you hurt or steal or do stuff from the bad one or be telling other people what they are supposed to do.




And don’t be embarrassed if trouble comes because you believe in Jesus, just be happy and thanking God





because God is going to stop the bad stuff and make everything right. He starts at His house first.

If the ones who do right are barely saved, what will happen to the ones who don’t do right at all?




So when trouble comes, hold your thinking in God’s care because He made you and He is true to you.


I tell the leaders there with you: Give the sheep of God the bread from heaven, that means keep teaching them more and more about Jesus.



And do it happy, not because you have to. Don’t do it for money ,but because it is a really good thing.

And don’t strut about like a rooster, being mean over the God’s people, but walk quiet with God, showing the people how, and being a good picture for them of God.



And when the top Shepherd comes He will give you a crown of glory that never gets old and never fades away.


And let the young people stay quiet under the older ones, and don’t anyone of you let yourself get puffed up, because God stays back from the puffed up ones, but He puts His special amazing love on the ones who stay low.


So stay low under God’s strong hand so that He can lift you up high when the right time comes.




Throw all your troubles and cares and worries on Him and let Him take care of them, because He cares about you.

Don’t be drunk, but keep your eyes open watching out for the bad ones, because the devil walks around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to gobble up.



Stand strong believing in God’s power against that bad one. And know that the same things are happening to all the other brothers in the world.

The God of all special amazing love has called you to special shiny brightness that lasts forever and ever by Jesus, the One who He promised to send to save us.


After you have had some trouble for a little while God will make you perfect and set you strong and true.


To Him is the special shiny brightness and power to be King over everything forever and ever.




I wrote you this short letter to tell you about the true special amazing love of God that we stand in.





The other brothers say ‘hi’ and send you a sweet kiss.




Special happy quietness be with all of you who are in Jesus. We believe it.