When Paul was in the court he said, I have lived doing what God says is right. The top priest slapped Paul’s face. And Paul said to the one who slapped him, God will smack you, you false face. You say you do right, but hitting me was bad. Paul said, I follow God the best way. I know that I will be brought back from being dead.

When Paul said this the people in the court started fighting with each other because one side thought they would come back from being dead and the other side didn’t think they would come back from being dead. So the two sides started fighting. The fight got so big that soldiers were sent to stop it before they pulled Paul to pieces.

The next night the Lord came and stood beside Paul and said, Be happy, Paul. You told the right stuff about Me in Jerusalem and you will do it in Rome too.

Some of the bad Jews, 40 of them, made a deal that they would not eat or drink again until they killed Paul. Paul’s sister’s son heard about the deal and went and told the soldiers, so they took Paul away to another city to be judged in the court of that city.

They sent a letter with the soldiers telling what happened. It said, This man was put in jail by the Jews and they tried to kill him. We saved him when we knew that he was a Roman. I asked what he did wrong but they only said stuff about their words and their way and nothing to be killed for.


Then I heard that 40 of the Jews made a deal not to eat or drink anything until they had killed him, I sent him to you.


The top leader in the next place read the letter and said, I will hear you, Paul, when the ones against you come to tell their part. So they kept Paul in Herod’s judgment hall.

After five days the top priest came with leaders and a good talker to talk against Paul. They said, This Paul was making trouble and bringing bad stuff into the temple. We were going to punish him but your soldiers came and stopped it.

Then the ruler in the court let Paul tell his side. Paul said, I am glad to tell my part. It was 12 days ago that I went up to Jerusalem to love God in his temple. These men didn’t find me talking to anyone in the temple or making any trouble. They can’t show you anything they said is true because I wasn’t making any trouble.



I believe in God and am sure that He will raise people from being dead. Our special writings from God tell all about it.



I came back to my nation to bring presents to God and my country. It is only because I believe that we will be raised from being dead that they brought me here to be judged.




When the leaders heard what Paul said he knew what Paul was talking about and said, When this other leader comes, then we will finish talking about this.




The judge sent a soldier to guard Paul and let him go free and stay with him to keep him safe from the ones who wanted to kill him.





After some days another top leader came with his wife who was also a Jew, and they talked to Paul about what is right to do with God, and that God will be the end judge that is coming.

The leader was shaking inside himself and so he said, Go now, and when it is a better time I will call for you. The leader sent for Paul lots of times and talked to him.

After two years another leader was put in charge who wanted to make the bad Jews happy, so he left Paul in jail.



When the next high leader came, Paul was brought in front of him. The Jews still had a deal not to eat or drink anything until they had killed Paul.

They asked Paul if he wanted to go back to Jerusalem to be heard in court with the ones who were against him, but Paul said, No, I want the top Roman leader, Caesar, to hear me.


Other leaders came and they tried to find what to say in the letter to go with Paul when they sent him to Caesar because it didn’t seem right to send a man to the highest trial with nothing to say that he did bad.



Another high leader came with his wife in their best royal robes and trumpets blowing in front of them.

Paul told them that he didn’t do anything bad to be killed for but that he was put in jail for believing in the Most High God and that God would bring us back from the dead.

Paul told them how he had been against the ones who believed in Jesus and was hurting them and putting them in jail but then on the road the Lord appeared to him.

He said, It was the middle of the day, O King, and a light from heaven bigger than the sun shined around me and the men who were traveling with me. And I heard a voice from heaven saying, Saul, Saul, why are you hurting Me? It is hard for you to fight against Me.

Paul said, I asked, Who are You, Lord. And He said, I am Jesus who you are hurting. Get up and stand on your feet. I showed you My self so you can tell others what you saw and tell them other stuff that I will show you, saving you from being killed.

I will send you to the other people of the world to open their eyes to see God and turn them from the dark road to death to the light road to heaven: to turn them from the power of the bad one back to God; so they will be forgiven and their bad stuff washed away; and so they can be given a place and good stuff forever with the ones who believe in Me.




Paul said, I obeyed the vision from heaven and have been showing everywhere for people to turn back to God and do what He wants.


That’s the reason the Jews grabbed me in the temple and put me in jail and were about to kill me.

But God has helped me and kept me alive until today. I don’t say anything that it doesn’t say in the special writings by Moses and the other men of God that the promised One would come and take our spanking and be the first one to be raised back from being dead, and be the light to show the people the true way to God.



The leader said, Paul, you are upset, too much learning has made you crazy.

Paul told him, I am not crazy, O high king, but I tell right and true words. You know that these things I say are true because none of what happened to Jesus was done in a hidden corner.





King, Do you believe in Jesus? I know that you do.




The king said, Paul, you almost convince me to be for Jesus, too.



Paul said, I wish you were and everyone who hears me was for Jesus, too.

Then the king and his wife got up and went away with the other top leader saying, This man hasn’t done anything to be killed for. We could let him go if he hadn’t asked to go to Caesar.