Stop being mad and sneaky and wanting other peoples stuff and saying bad things, but want God’s words from His special writings like a new baby wants milk.




Taste God’s amazing special love.

You are like stones that are alive, being made up into a beautiful house for God to live in.


So by Jesus, He is the biggest treasure, give God good presents of your love from your heart.

The bad ones didn’t want Him and trip over Him and are hurt, but you who believe are made into a special nation of the highest royal priests to show all the amazing wonders of Him, the One who called you out of the dark into His amazing light.




You didn’t used to be a people but now have His special amazing love.



So stay away from the bad stuff that fights against your soul.

Do the right stuff so the other people will see your good works and be happy with God for the good stuff you do.




Keep under the rules that man makes because that’s what God wants. It shuts the mouths of the silly ones.



You are free, but don’t use it to be sneaky and do bad stuff.


Hold high all people, and love your brothers, the other followers of Jesus. Be amazed about God and hold high the king.



Servants keep under your masters and hold them high, not just the kind ones, but the mean ones too. This will get you big ‘thank yous.’



When bad stuff happens to you just go through it staying happy in God.

What good is it if you get spanked for doing bad, but if you have trouble for doing good, you are being like Jesus and following His steps.




He didn’t do any bad stuff, but was hated and had big trouble and left it in the hands of the one who does everything right.




He Himself carried the spanking for our bad stuff in His own body on the tree, so we could live right.






His hurts make us healed from every hurt.


We were like sheep wandering away from God, but now have come back to the Shepherd who leads our souls.





And married ladies, stay under what your husbands so they will see how good God is.

Don’t try to be beautiful on the outside with the clothes you wear and with fancy hair and jewels, but keep your soul beautiful by quietly keeping your eyes looking at Jesus in your heart. That is like gold and jewels to God.

This is how the ladies in the times past dressed themselves us, like Sarah who obeyed Abraham, you are her daughters if you keep following and aren’t scared.

And husbands, hold high your ladies because they are weaker, but not less important, both of you together are living in God’s amazing special love and getting for your own all the good stuff God promised.



All of you keep thinking the same thing and be kind to each other and treat each other nice.





Don’t pay back bad for bad stuff done to you, or yell back bad words when someone yells at you, that’s how you will get the blessing.

Like it says in the special writings, the one who wants to have happy good days, keep his mouth from saying bad stuff. Turn away from the bad stuff and chase after the quiet happiness.



Do this because the eyes of the Lord are watching over you and His ears are listening to your prayers.


But the face of the Lord is against the ones who do bad. Who will want to hurt you for doing good stuff?



If someone does want to hurt you for doing the good stuff, then you are real happy.



Don’t be scared or upset, but set God high in your heart and keep looking at Him and always be ready to tell anyone who asks you why you trust in Jesus and are waiting for Him to come back.





But don’t get puffed up about it, just keep thinking about how amazing God is.

It is better if bad stuff happens to you because you did the right thing than because you did a bad thing, because that’s what happened to Jesus.





He traded places with us and took our spanking, and now He gives us all His good stuff.



He died and then was made alive again by the Spirit and

then He went and told the good news to the bad spirits in prison in the underworld that had tried to stop Him,

the ones back in Noah’s time that disobeyed God when Noah was making the ark that saved 8 souls, that stayed trusting in God when all the rest of the world had gone  the bad way.



That thing that happened to them was like the whole world was dunked, like we are dunked in water when we believe in Jesus.


We are right with God because He brought Jesus back from being dead.


And Jesus is now in heaven sitting right beside God and all angels and rulers of the universe have to obey Him.