Some men came to the followers and were saying that you had to do the laws God sent by Moses too, to be saved, and not just believing in Jesus. This started a big upset in all the people. So they sent some men up to Jerusalem to talk to the top followers about it.

The people gave them money for the trip and they went on the way telling the people about all that God had done for them and the people were really happy about it. Some of the leaders kept saying, No, you have to keep the law from Moses too.



So God filled Peter and Peter stood up and said, Why are you trying to put on the countries of the world the hard work that none of us could do? Only Jesus could do it. That’s why God had to send us Jesus.

And God gave the people in the world the same as He gives us, getting into heaven for free and getting to have God’s Holy Spirit living in us. So let’s don’t put any trouble on them that God didn’t put there.

Then they wrote a letter to the people who believed in Jesus everywhere that they didn’t have to try to do the hard rules. They just needed to believe Jesus did it for them because God loves them so much. When they got the letter and read it they were so happy.

After a while Paul and Barnabas went to visit all the followers in all the cities they had gone before to see how they were doing and to make them stronger in Jesus. They gave them all the stuff Jesus told them.

As they were traveling around telling more people about Jesus, the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let them tell the words in the place called Asia. And other places the Spirit wouldn’t let them go.

In one city they found a lady named Lydia and prayed with her by the river on the rest day. She was a lady that loved only God and her job was selling purple cloth. She trusted Jesus and was dunked and had Paul come to stay with her family at their house.

As they were going one day to the river to pray there was girl who had a bad spirit living in her who told about things that were going to happen. Some people were using the girl to make money. The girl kept walking behind Paul everyday, saying, These men are the slaves of the Most High God who show us the way to be saved from all bad stuff forever.



After a lot of days of this Paul was upset about it and turned around and said to the bad spirit, I command you in the name of Jesus to come out of her. The bad spirit came out.

When the people who were using the girl to make money saw it, they saw they wouldn’t get any more money from her, they dragged Paul and the man with him whose name was Silas, to the court and said, These guys are making lots of trouble here.


The crowd of people came against them and hit them a lot and put them in jail with their feet locked up in boards so they couldn’t get away. They put a guard over them to be sure they didn’t get away.

In the middle of the night Paul and Silas prayed and they started singing songs to God. Right then the ground started shaking and the floor of the prison started shaking and all the chains fell off and the locks were opened and the doors to the prison opened.

The guard woke up and saw all the doors were open and was starting to kill himself because the leaders would kill him because the prisoners escaped. But Paul yelled out, Don’t hurt yourself. We are all still here. The guard called for light and went into the prison and fell down in front of Paul and Silas and said, What can I do to be saved?



They told him, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved and everyone at your house.

The guard took them home with him and washed their hurts and Paul told them all about Jesus to everyone at his house and they all believed and were real happy.


The next day the leaders were going to let them go from jail but Paul told them, You beat us in front of everyone and now you will send us away quiet, No, show it to everyone. Then the leaders were scared. They let them go from the jail and they went back to Lydia’s house and rested and then left that city.

Paul went to another city and went into the Jews church house and told them for three different rest days about Jesus and what He did for us. He told them that Jesus needed to be hurt for us and then be raised from being dead after three days. And that everyone who believes in Jesus will be in heaven forever.

Some of the people believed and kept listening to Paul, but the ones who didn’t want Jesus, they paid money to some bad ones to hurt the ones who want Jesus.

They went and hurt the people in the house where Paul was living, so the people sent Paul away when it was night, to keep him safe from the bad ones. Then Paul went to another city and the bad ones from the Jews did the same thing, so Paul went somewhere else.

The next place was called Athens and the people there weren’t busy working for their food, but busy trying to find out new stuff to learn. They had statues and places to bow down to bad ones all over their city.

When they heard what Paul was saying, they wanted to know about it, so Paul stood up on a hill and talked to the people. He said, I think you people here are all too scared about everything. Paul said, I went by one place where you had a statue to the God you didn’t even know the name for. That’s the One I will tell you about. You bow down to Him but don’t know Him. I will show Him to you.

The God that made the whole world and everything in it is the boss over everything in heaven and earth. We can’t help Him or give Him anything He doesn’t have because, He made it all and it is all His.

He gives to everything and everyone all your breaths and all your life and everything you have and everything there is.

He made from one kind of blood all the nations of people that live on the face of this world, and He set the times they would be living there, and the places that they live, so that they would look for Him and find Him, because He is really close to all of us since we live inside Him and move inside and have all our life inside Him.

And we are His children, so we shouldn’t think that He is made out of gold or a rock or a stick or a tree or some statue that a man can think to make.

God let go by the times when we did this silly and bad stuff, but now He calls everyone to come back to Him because He has set a day to look at everything we did and tell what kind of thing it is, if it was good or bad. His Son from heaven, Jesus, will do that.


He let go and erased all the bad stuff for everyone who believes in His Son Jesus, that Jesus took that spanking for him.  And God showed to us that it was all done and gone forever by raising up Jesus from being dead.


When the people heard about coming back from being dead some of them started to make fun of Paul, but some came and stayed with Paul and wanted to know all about it.

After these things happened, Paul went to another city and found some people for Jesus there who made money to buy their food by making tents. Paul also made tents for money so he stayed with them.



Every rest day Paul went into the Jews church house and showed the people who came there that Jesus was the special one that God promised to send.

When the people were upset and argued about it and didn’t want Jesus to be the promised One, Paul told them, You are fighting against God and hurting yourselves. I told you and you won’t listen, so I will go to the other countries that aren’t of Israel, they will hear and believe and be saved.

Paul left and went to a man’s house beside the Jews church house who was a leader of the people who believed in the Lord. When he believed, many others did too and were dunked.

The Lord told Paul at night in a dream while Paul was still awake, Don’t be scared, but tell them about Me and don’t hold back the words, because I am with you and no man will hurt you here because I have lots of people here. So Paul stayed there 18 months teaching them the words from God.


Then a top leader came and the Jews took Paul before the leader for judgment and said, This man is doing what isn’t right about what God wants.

The leader said, O you Jews, If this was about killing or stealing or hurting people I would listen to you, but if its about words and names and who likes who, take care of it yourself, I won’t waste my time with that. And the leader threw them out of the judgment place.



Then they took the church leader who brought Paul and beat him instead of Paul.




Paul left there after awhile and helped lots of people turn back to the Lord and believe in Jesus.