Paul wrote a letter to the followers of Jesus at Rome. He wrote about Jesus, who is the Son of God, who came down from heaven to be like us through the family of David, and who showed He was from God by all the power from God that He did by coming back from being dead.



He gave His followers to go all around the world with His same power saving people everywhere from the bad one and his bad stuff.



God our Father in heaven loves you so much and gives you His grace and His peace.

I hear all around the world how much you believe in Jesus and I pray for you everyday that God will bring me back to you because I hope a lot to see you again soon and give you some more good stuff from the Holy Spirit of God so that you will always stand strong in Jesus and be happy in your hearts like we are.

I want you to know that I tried to come to you before lots of times to build more good stuff there. I want to come now. I need really bad to tell everyone everywhere, even if they are wild people or weird people, and not Jews, all about Jesus.

I am not embarrassed to tell about Jesus because it is the power from God to save them from all the bad stuff and bring them to heaven to be with God forever. God showed how right He is and only asks that we trust Him and believe what He says.

God shows from heaven how mad He is about the bad stuff. They know he is right, but they don’t want Him. They are bad. God showed it to them. Everything about God is showed by what He made from the start, even all about His special brightness and power that doesn’t ever stop. So they can’t say they didn’t know.

But when they knew about God they weren’t happy about Him and weren’t glad and didn’t say ‘thank you’ to Him but put empty bad stuff inside their heads and their hearts got silly and dark inside. They said they were real smart but were silly fools instead, and try to make God look like silly things or animals or birds or things that crawl around on the ground.

So God let them do their own stuff from their own minds and bow down to stuff that isn’t their Maker. He is always the best and happiest and most good.

They did yukky stuff and so God gave them back the yukky stuff they did and they turned into really yukky ones, and got real puffed up and full of madness and hate and disobeying their dads and moms. They knew that God would spank them for it and they didn’t care. They just went around and got more people to do their bad stuff, too.




It’s not you. You don’t get to be the judge, because you are doing the same bad stuff as the bad ones. God says what is right and true. How will you get away from Him?

Do you hate how good He is and how long He waits for you to turn back to Him? How good He is will lead you back to Him. But your hard hearts are saving up all kinds of trouble for you on the day when the Lord comes back to give to everyone back for what they did.

The ones who bow to Him and wait for Him will be held up high forever, and filled with His shiny brightness. But the bad ones will be filled with trouble forever. God doesn’t play favorites. Even ones who weren’t told about God can know Him, because He talks to them in their hearts if they will listen.



God will show the secrets in men’s hearts when Jesus comes back.

If you follow all the rules that God gave by Moses, but don’t know God in your heart, you are still blind and walking in the dark. You have the outside shell, but don’t know the true One. It is not what you do on the outside that counts, but what you do in your heart. God will hold them up high.

Paul asked, Why is it better to be a Jew? It is better to be a Jew for lots of reasons. God gave His special words about saving us through the Jews, the children of Israel. If some don’t want to be saved does that erase it for everyone? Never! Let what God says be true and everything else a lie!


If we do bad, does that make God bad? No, silly, it just makes us bad. How can God judge everything right, if He does bad?

Our bad just makes Him look better and better. The special writings from God say, None do good but God. All do bad so God can save them all.




The law came to show that we do bad, so we will know we are bad and trust God’s promised One to be saved from all the bad stuff.





Bad ones aren’t scared of God.

God shows His rightness that He gives to us who trust Him and believe in Jesus: Both to Jews and ones who are from other countries and families.

All have done bad and don’t see how special God is. No one is as special as God is. But God gives His rightness and specialness to everyone who believes in Him for free.

God sent His son Jesus into the world to buy all the people back from badness and being bad by taking their spanking for all their badness. So who can brag about this? No one! It is a free gift for everyone by believing.

Is God only for the Jews and not for all the other people of the world, too? Yes, He is for everyone. So does this get rid of the rules Moses gave from God? No, it makes them stand up tall.


If Abraham was made right by doing good works, then he could brag, but what do the special writings say? They say Abraham believed God and God erased his bad and wrote in all God’s good on Abraham’s side.

If you try to do it yourself, it’s too hard because God is so big and so special and so perfect. Happy with the best happiness are the ones who let God do it for them and don’t try to do it for themselves. The promise to get to own the whole world for his very own came in because of trusting, not because of working to get it.

The rules bring trouble and spanking because no one is good enough to do them all. So it comes by trusting what God said and from God’s special love for us so that it can be for everyone.


The Lord God told Abraham long ago in the past when Abraham wanted just a son, a little boy, that Abraham would be the father of many countries of people, because Abraham trusted that God is strong enough to bring people back from death and can make anything happen just by saying the words.

When Abraham was 100 years old, Abraham’s body was too old to make babies, but Abraham knew that God was strong enough to makehis body new again.

Abraham was real happy and saying the best things to God because He knew that God was going to do it. And God made Him new again and made Sarah new again and God gave them the baby they prayed for.




And then God wrote this for us in His special writings so we would believe in Him;

and He raises us up from being dead because we believe in Jesus who died taking our spankings. God raised Jesus again to show forever that it He erased all our badness and gave us all His rightness too.