Jimmy was Jesus’ brother and was the boss over Jesus’ followers in Jerusalem. He wrote a letter to the followers who were all over the world everywhere else.


He said to them: My brothers, Be real happy every time some bad thing happens to you because it makes you stronger in Jesus.



Let the troubles make you perfect in Him so you will have every thing you need.



If you need to be smarter, just ask God because He gives lots to everyone and doesn’t yell at you. He will give you to be smart and wise.



But when you ask Him, be sure He will answer. He won’t toss you around like a wave on the sea.



Let the low ones know they will be lifted up and the high ones know they will be made low. The rich ones with lots of money who don't know God will disappear,

but the ones who stay strong in Jesus when trouble comes will get a crown of life put on their head. That’s what the Lord promised to give when He comes back to the ones who love Him.




God doesn’t put these troubles on us, but it comes when we wander away from Him or want some other stuff real strong.




All the good stuff we like comes down from our Father of lights in heaven who doesn’t ever change.



He made us His children by His true word so we would be the first new creatures of His.

So, my brothers that I love, listen to Him real fast and be real slow to open your mouth and talk, and real slow to get mad.

Getting mad doesn’t do what God wants. So get rid of all that bad stuff and listen and do what God says because His word saves us from all the bad stuff.





If you hear what God says, but don’t do it, you are tricking yourself.

But if you look at God’s perfect words you will be really happy in what you do because God will put lots of His amazing special love on it.

Ones who say they are for God, but don’t stop bad words from coming out of their mouth are tricking themselves and their way is empty.



Ones who do it right will visit the ones who don’t have a dad to help them and they will keep away from all the bad stuff of the world.

My brothers, who keep trusting Jesus, the Lord of all shiny brightness, don't think how high or low other people are because of how they look or what stuff they have.



If a man comes to your church in rich clothes and wearing a big gold ring and you take him to sit in the front row and a poor man comes in and you sit him on the floor in the back, you did bad.

God picked the poor ones in this world, because they trust Him a lot, to give them His kingdom that He promised to the ones who love Him.



You are hating the poor one and loving the rich one. But don’t the rich ones trick you and take your stuff.




You are playing favorites and it is making God look bad.




So think of the rich ones and poor ones just the same and don’t play favorites.





If you do all God’s rules, but mess up on just one tiny part, you messed up the whole thing.




What bad thing you do will come back on your head.



If a brother or sister is naked and doesn’t have any food, and you tell them to be warm and full, but don’t give them any clothes or food, how does that help?





If you believe what God says, you will do it.




Trusting God always makes you do good stuff.


Abraham believed God and it was counted as rightness for Him, and He did what God said, and that showed his trusting was perfect. God called Abraham His friend.






If you trust, then doing the good stuff will happen.

Also, Rahab hid the spies and sent them away safe because she believed in God.