Since you are raised up with Jesus, the promised One, who is sitting at the right side of God, just care about the stuff that is up there in heaven with Him, and not the stuff of the world because your life is hid there with Jesus.



And when Jesus comes in His great shiny brightness, you will be with Him.




So stop doing all the bad stuff you used to like to do, the stuff that leaves out God and makes Him mad.

Stop being mad and saying bad words and hating people, and lying to people, because you have put off the old you and put on the new you that is made like Jesus the one who made you.



There aren’t all kinds of people now, but Jesus is all and in everyone.

So be kind and gentle with everyone, and put up with the stuff you don’t like about them, and let go the bad stuff that happens from them because God let go of all your bad stuff.

Put on God’s love because it holds everything together, and be happy and singing songs with God’s amazing special love in your heart to God.



Do everything you do in Him and be thanking God all the time.





Ladies be under what your husband says and husbands love your ladies and don’t be hard or angry with them.


Children obey your moms and dads about everything because that makes the Lord happy.



And dads, don’t make your kids upset, so they won’t be sad.



And workers, obey your master and do a good job for him, not just when they are looking, but when no one sees because God sees everything.




And the Lord will give you big treasures. He is the One we really serve.




The ones who do bad will get back bad for the bad they did.


Masters give your servants what is right and fair pay because you know that you too have a Master who is in heaven.

Keep praying and watching as you are glad and telling God ‘thank you’ so that He will open a door for us to talk to people about Jesus and tell them His special secret.



And walk in God’s smartness to the ones who don’t know Jesus, keep buying back the time to yourself.

And always talk with God’s special kindness, saying what are the right words for them to hear.



I am sending a helper that I love who will tell me how you are doing.




Other helpers here with me keep praying for you that you be full in Jesus and Jesus full in you, doing everything God the Father in heaven wants.




All the brothers here say ‘hi’ to all the brothers there with you.




Tell the one called Archy to do all that God set for him to do.




I, Paul, am signing this letter by myself.




God’s special love be on all of you. We believe it.