Paul and Timmy wrote a letter to the followers in the city called Phillipi. They said, God’s special love and peace be on you and from the Lord Jesus, the one God promised to send to save us.



I am so glad and thank God for you, every time I think about you am real happy.

I am sure of this, that the One who started making you all good, will keep on doing it, and keeping your strong until the day Jesus comes back to get us.

It is right for me to have you in my heart. And I ask God to make your love really big. And I ask that you are always sure and say yes to everything that is good and right, and that you be all clean on the day when Jesus comes back.

I ask God that you be full of every good thing in what you think and what you do, because Jesus is doing it in you, and will get big good words and special shiny brightness to God for it.

I want you to know that all the trouble and bad stuff that happened to me only made the good stuff about Jesus go out to more and more people who need it. Even when I am in jail that makes the words of Jesus go out more and more and farther and farther.

Some tell about Jesus to get more trouble piled on me, and some tell about Jesus because it is good and right. It doesn’t matter which way, so long as the truth keeps going around to the people who need Jesus.



I know that since you asked God, I will be let go from jail and I will be very brave to go everywhere telling about Jesus.

I am full of Jesus while I am alive and going to be with Him in heaven will be very much better than this. Sometimes I just want to go to heaven to be with Jesus but I know that staying here is better for you because it builds you up more in Him.




Let all that you do and all that you say be like tying beautiful bows on the true words about Jesus.

Don’t be scared any at all about the bad ones, the enemies, because the One who saves you has all the power.

Since Jesus makes it all better and loves us with His special amazing love, let us all think the same thing and don’t fight or brag or be puffed up, but let’s think that the other followers are better than us and help them with what they are doing.

Jesus was the very highest, like God Himself, but made Himself the lowest to come help us. He kept Himself the lowest to save us, so God then made Him the highest so that every knee will bow down to Him in heaven and in earth and under the earth.

You always obeyed me when I was with you and when I was gone somewhere else, so I say, keep doing what keeps on saving you, leaning on Jesus. Keep doing this because it is God who is working inside you to do what makes Him happiest.

And do everything without grumbling and being upset and don’t let anything be your fault. As God’s special children in the middle of the bad ones of the world you are shining like bright lights in the world.




Hold out in front of them the words that give them life, so I will be happy on the day when Jesus comes back, that you did so good, and I didn’t do my work with you for nothing.

If I give everything to build you up more in Jesus then I am very happy. And you are very happy too.

I know that God will let me send Timmy to you soon because he thinks most like me and he will help you and tell my how you are doing. And I trust God that I will come see you real soon too.



And now my brothers, be happy in the Lord. I like to write the same stuff to you. It isn’t hard for me and it helps make you stronger.

Watch out for the bad ones and the ones who tell you that you have to do more stuff to be saved than Jesus already did for you.  We don’t lean on anything we do, because what Jesus did is the best. Our stuff won’t work.

I did more than any to be the best for God, but it was all nothing to me, so I could have more Jesus. I let go of it all and just want to stay in Jesus and be strong in Him, when He comes back.



I only want to know Jesus and how strong He is to raise us up from being dead.

I’m not all there yet, but keep forgetting the stuff that is already gone into yesterday, and reach out to Jesus in tomorrow, pressing on to win the prize of God’s high amazing special love for me in Jesus. So let’s just keep thinking this same thing and watch out for the sneaky ones who want to trap you.

They say they are God’s, but want to turn you away from Jesus and that is bringing themselves into trouble that will ruin them. They only think about the stuff of this world, but our life is in heaven where we watch for Jesus to come from.

He will change our little body made from the dust of the world into one like His amazing special shiny bright body because He can do everything and only does what is right and best.



So my brothers, I want to come there and be with you real bad, you are my best fun and my crown.





You two ladies who are fighting, stop it and be happy in the Lord and stay happy in Him.

Let everyone know that you keep in control of everything, and don’t do more than you need to because it’s almost time for Jesus to come.


Just keep happy and thanking God for everything and His quiet goodness will fill you up all the time and it will be the guard over your hearts and your thinking because Jesus is in you.




Only think about whatever is true and fair and good and pure and pretty and right.



I’m so happy that you now wanted to help me again. I learned to be happy and quiet all the time in what is going on with me, if its good or if its bad, because Jesus is with me.



I know how to have too much and how to not have enough because Jesus makes me able to do anything. He keeps making me strong.

It was good for you to send help to me when I needed it. I have lots of everything I need now, and God is happy that you helped me so much.




My God will give you everything you need because He has all the riches and the shiny brightness forever and ever.




Say ‘hi’ to all the followers and mostly the ones who live in the kings palace.





The special amazing love of the Lord Jesus, the promised One, be with all of you. We believe it.