Paul and Timmy wrote a letter to a man whose slave ran away and then he found Paul and heard about Jesus and got saved.



They told him, Special amazing love from God our Father and the Lord Jesus.

I always thank God for you when I am praying, because I hear about your big love and faith to Jesus and all His followers, and how you tell everyone about Jesus.


We are happy with big happiness in your love because you help lots of people.




So I ask you now because I serve Jesus, to be nice to your slave that ran away and took your stuff.


I am sending him back to you to do right.



So treat him good like you would treat me, because he helped me so much after he believed in Jesus.




And anything he needs to pay you back, charge it to me, and forget about it because you owe me lots.




I know that you will do the best thing I want.


We all say ‘hi’ to all of you.





The special amazing love of Jesus be with your spirit.