Paul wrote a letter to the followers of Jesus who lived in the country called Galatia. Paul was made a top worker for Jesus by God who lifted up Jesus from being dead.

Paul told them words from God that said, God’s special amazing love and peace be given to you by God the Father and from the Lord Jesus who gave Himself to take the spanking for our bad stuff to save us from the bad stuff in this world because that’s what the Heavenly Father wanted. To Him be the special amazing shiny brightness for ever and ever. That’s what we believe.

Paul said to them, I am amazed that you turned away from the special love of Jesus so quick and are trying to save yourself. If we or an angel from heaven tell you anything else but what we said, then let the most bad stuff come on them.


I tell you again, If anyone tells you anything else but that Jesus did it all for us, let the most bad stuff come on them because they are trying to get you away from God.

Do I try to make people happy or to make God happy with what I do and say? If I say what people want then I won’t be the worker for Jesus.

But I tell you, that this best stuff I tell you didn’t come from people. I didn’t get it from anybody else but Jesus Himself showed it to me. You know how back in my life I was real big in the Jews way and I was hurting the followers of Jesus and trying to stamp them out.

I was the top one in the Jews way and very busy for the way my fathers did. But God took me from my mommy’s tummy and was happy to call me to Him by His special amazing love, and to show His Son to me.




When God showed me Jesus, I didn’t go up to Jerusalem right away to see the followers, but I went to Arabia and then back to the city of Damascus.

Then after 3 years I went up to Jerusalem to see the followers. I stayed with Peter for 15 days and then went to other places where no one knew who I was.

The people there only knew that I was the one who was hurting the followers and then turned to tell out all His good words. And they were amazed at God because of me.


Bad ones sneaked in to spy and see the free things God gives us so they can trap us back into the rules. But we didn’t listen to even a word from them so the true stuff would stay with us.




By ourself not one of us is good enough. We need only Jesus.




The ones who came to spy saw that God was working strong in Peter to tell the Jews about Jesus and God was working strong in me to tell the other countries about Jesus. And we need to remember to always help the people who are poor.



Then Peter came when I was in the city called Antioch and he was slipping back into the old rules again so Jews wouldn’t not like him.


But that makes trouble for all the ones who believe in Jesus because Jesus let them go free from all the rules because Jesus kept all the old rules for us and then gave what He did to our list of what we did.


So I went and talked to Peter’s face and said, Why are you trying to get them to live by all the rules that you know none of us can do all of them? We died with Jesus and live His new life. He lives inside us because we lean on Him. He loved us and gave Himself for us.




If keeping the rules saves us, then Jesus died for nothing.

O silly ones who live in Galatia, who tricked you to not obey what is true? Did the Holy Spirit come to live in you because you did the rules or because you believed in Jesus? Did you start out leaning on Jesus and now go back to trying to do it yourself?



In the special writings from God, it tells that Abraham believed in God and God put that on Abraham’s list that he did right.

And the writings saw before that the other countries would be saved too because they believe in Jesus. The countries are given God’s good happiness and help just like Abraham. If you try to do it by yourself, you put yourself under the bad stuff. The right ones just trust God.

Jesus bought us back from being under the curse because he was hanged on the tree for us, so that we could get the promise of the Holy Spirit by trusting Him. God made all the promises to Abraham and the seed that came from Abraham. That was Jesus.



The rules came 430 years later and can’t cancel the promise you get by trusting in the One who saves us.



If the promises come by keeping the rules, then it isn’t by trusting Jesus.

God gave the rules because of the bad stuff we do, so that we would know it is bad. And so that we would know we are doing bad and that we need Jesus to keep from doing bad to take the bad away. God calls it all bad so that all can be saved.



If there was a rule that could save us, God would have given it. Then Jesus wouldn’t have had to die.


The rules are the teacher to lead us to Jesus. When you learn to lean on Jesus you don’t need the rules anymore.


We are all God’s kids by trusting Jesus. We are all in Him and get all the promises in Him.






Children stay under rules until they grow up.

But when it was the right time, God sent His own Son out of heaven, made from a woman, born under the rules, so we could be adopted by the Father who lives in heaven.

And because we are sons, God sent His Spirit into our hearts to cry, Daddy, Daddy to God. So we aren’t servants to the stuff of the world anymore but sons of the God of heaven.




Am I your enemy because I tell you what is true? The bad ones would just use you for themselves and then throw you away.



It is good to be excited about the best stuff. My little children, I am working hard until Jesus is all in you.

Do you want to be back under the old rules? The special writings from God say that Abraham had two sons, one was born from a slave woman and one was born from a free woman.

The free one was by the promise of God’s special deal. So do we want to go back from being free to be slaves? The slaves try to hurt the ones that are free.




So my brothers, we are not children of the slave woman but of the free one.