In the last times it will be real hard and there will be many dangers because people will be puffed up and loving only themselves and disobeying their parents and the will be mean and full of hate; they will only want to have fun.




They will seem to be good, but inside they are very bad. Soon everyone will see how bad they are.


If you want to live right in Jesus it will be hard and the bad ones just keep getting more and more bad.



But you keep on thinking about what I told you, and remember, and think about the special writings from God

because all those writings were breathed right out from God and are the true best words that help us know Him and think right and do right.

Standing in front of God and the Lord Jesus who will say what is bad and good about everything alive and dead,

I give you a job Timmy to tell God’s words at the right time and at the wrong time

and to keep on telling it even when you are tired because the time is coming when they won’t want to hear what is right but



Their ears will be itchy to hear bad stuff and they will turn away from what is true and like the silly stuff.




But watch and keep on telling even when they hit you.






It is almost time for me to go the heaven to be with Jesus.

I kept fighting the bad ones and winning and now my fighting is all done and I just kept on believing in Jesus so there is a shiny bright crown waiting for me that the Lord will give to me and to all the ones who love seeing Him.




Try real hard to come see me as quick as you can.



Some of my helpers went away from me because they loved the stuff in this world. Only Luke is still here and helps me alot.





Lots of men went away from me and I pray God won’t spank them for it.



But the Lord kept standing here with me and making me strong so that all the peoples in all the other countries would hear about Jesus.




God kept the lion from getting me, and He will guard and keep me safe into His heavenly kingdom.



To Him is all the shiny brightness for always and always. We believe it.





Say ‘hi’ to all the brothers there with you.




Try to come here to me before winter comes.

The followers here with me say ‘hi’ to you.


The Lord Jesus be with your spirit and God’s special love be with you.