Later Paul and his guys with him wrote another letter to the followers of God the Father and the Lord Jesus in that same city.



They said, We have to thank God for you, brothers because your faith is growing really big and your love is bursting out on everyone.




We are so happy about this and how you put up with all the trouble without being upset, but just quietly looking to Jesus for your help.




This shows that you are good enough to be in God’s kingdom. You are having troubles because of His kingdom.


It is right that God will pay back the bad ones for all the bad trouble they put on you.

Just keep resting with us in Jesus, because soon Jesus will come from heaven with all his mighty angels in a huge burning fire to pay back all the ones that don’t want the God who made them.

They will always be spanked away from Jesus and his shiny bright power when we are being happy in seeing Him because He is so amazing.



So we always pray for you that God would think you are good enough to be serving Him and that He would do all the good things in you and by you He wants to do.



And that you will know how big and good is His shiny bright power and amazing special love for you.

Now we beg you brothers, by His coming again and our going to be with Him together, that you not be upset in your thinking, or upset by a spirit, or something someone says, or by something someone writes in a letter, saying that Jesus coming already happened.

Don’t let anyone trick you because that day can’t come until after He comes to lift us all from here away to heaven.


The bad one won’t be shown to the world until after that day, and the bad one will go and sit in God’s temple, and he will tell the lie to the world say that he is the one who made everything.


That bad one is already working down here, but the Holy Spirit of God doesn’t let him do very much, just enough to see who each person wants to follow after.

But the Holy Spirit lives in us and will take us back to heaven when we go to be with Jesus and then the world will see that bad one.


But the shiny brightness of the Lord will swallow the bad one up when He comes back.

The bad one tricks all the ones who don’t want God and His Son and His special amazing love. They like doing bad stuff.




But we always are thanking God for you, you ones the Lord loves.




From the beginning He picked you to be saved through the Spirit and by believing the truth.




He called you by our good words to get for your own the shiny bright power of Jesus.




So you be standing tall and strong in what we told you and wrote to you.

Now the Lord Jesus Himself and God the Father, who loved us and gave us to know for sure about His amazing special love, be a soft pillow for your hearts and stand you strong in doing every right good thing.

So now my brothers, pray for us that the word of the Lord will run free everywhere and be lifted up high; and pray that we will be saved from the bad ones who don’t believe.




The Lord will always be with you and for you and set you strong and guard you from the bad ones.




And we know that you will do what we tell you to do, all the stuff we say.

The Lord lead your hearts into the amazing special love of God and into waiting quietly for Jesus to come for us.




Stay away from the ones who don’t do the right stuff that we told you.

You know we did the right things when we were with you. We didn’t let other people feed us all the time, but we worked our own job to pay for our own food, so we would show you the right way, and not cost you your money.




We told you that if a man doesn’t work don’t let him eat.



And don’t be messing in other people’s business, but keep your thinking on your own life and be doing what you are supposed to do.




Don’t get tired of doing what is right.




Stay away from the ones who don’t do what we say so they will be embarrassed.




Don’t act like he’s your enemy, but help him do right like he was your brother.




Now the Lord always give you peace and always be with you.



The special amazing love of Jesus be with you all. We believe it.