Paul wrote a letter to the followers of Jesus who lived in the city called Colosse and said,

God’s special and amazing love be on you and special quietness from God our Father in heaven and the Lord Jesus, His promised Savior of the world.

We are always thanking God and Jesus for you and praying for you all the time since we heard that you believe in Him, and how much you love all the followers of Jesus.


You know what a big reward is waiting for you in heaven and many people around the world are learning about it and will get it too.

We pray since we were told about you that you walk the right way, full of Jesus and making Him real happy everyday. We ask God the Father that you know all about Jesus and about the Father and keep doing every good thing



And being stronger and stronger in Him by His special amazing power, and that you wait quietly and long, all full of His special happiness


And be always thanking the Father who made us all clean so we could get the big rewards of everything to keep for our own forever.

He brought us out of the dark kingdom into the kingdom of His dearly loved Son, who bought us back to Him with His own precious blood, and forgave and forgot all the bad stuff we did.


Jesus is the exact every same like the Father and He is the very top of the top over everything God made.

By Jesus, God made everything He made—all the kingdoms of the universe and all the powers, and all the kingdoms of the world and everything in the world. They were all made by Him and for Him.





And He holds it all together, all the big parts and all the tiny parts, everything.




He is head over all the followers, called the church.

He is the very beginning of everything and the very top over everything because that’s what God wanted. It made God always happy to do it all.





And the Father is very happy to live inside Jesus.

Jesus took away the bad stuff and turned us from being God’s enemies, and he brought us all back to be God’s family—everything in the heavens and on the world.

You were God’s enemies, but are now brought back to Him through what Jesus did in His body, so you will stand in front of God all perfect and wonderful for Him to see, by Jesus.


You will have this if you keep on believing, trusting, leaning on Jesus and be still in Him, not going away here or there from the true words we were told about Jesus.


Paul said, I am very happy when bad stuff happens to me for helping you. The enemy makes trouble, trying to stop me.

The big secret was hiding for all the years until now, but I show it to you now that Jesus lives in you, and that’s why you will get everything and live forever in Him and His special shiny brightness.


We don’t want anyone to lose out getting this, so we keep on telling everyone, even when trouble comes, so we can stand everyone in front of Him perfect and full of Jesus.




That’s why I work so hard even now by the Spirit who is very strong in me.

Paul told them in the letter, I have lots of fighting for you ones that I haven’t seen yet, because I want your hearts to be tied together in love and I want you to be full of happy sureness of God’s special secret about Jesus.




All the precious treasures are hid in Jesus.

I don’t tell you with tricky or pretty words since I am not with you, but I am happy about how right you are doing everything and how strong you stand in Jesus.




Keep walking in Him the same way you found Him, by trusting in Him.




Don’t let anyone twist up your thinking with empty pretty words that men of this world like, but just only like Jesus.



Because in Him all the bigness of God is living and you are all full in Him, the one who is the head over everything.





And cut off all the bad thinking out of your hearts.

When He died, you died there with Him to the bad stuff of the world, and you were buried with Him, and are now raised up with him by God’s power because you trust in Him.


You were dead in the bad stuff, but now are alive and all the bad stuff is cleaned away forever, nailed to Jesus cross.

And all the powers of the bad ones are taken away and they were tied up and showed that they were beaten, making everyone really happy.

So don’t let anyone say you are doing bad about any of the rules. The rules were all done right by Jesus. They were just shadows to show all the good stuff that is coming.



So don’t let anyone trick you into being puffed up about what you do. Just hold tight to Jesus who is the best and top of all.



He holds it all together and keeps it all working and building up in God.



You are dead to the rules of the world because you are in the One who rules over the world.