So I am captured by Jesus to help you know how amazing God is, and know His amazing special love for us and to know the special secrets that no one else knew in the times that have gone by already, that all the other countries could be God’s kids too.

God made me His worker by His special power to help you; but I am the smallest one. I tell the bigness of God’s riches to you that has no end, and to make you all see the special secret of it, that God hid from the start of the world and only showed it now. So that all the powers and rulers in God’s heavens would know how big God’s smartness is that He showed in sending Jesus.

It’s because of Jesus that we can be with God and that God is with us and in us. So don’t be upset at all the trouble that comes to me because I’m building you up.

I bow my knee to the Father of our Lord Jesus the promised One who the whole family is named after, that He would give you the riches of His special shiny brightness and power inside you so that Jesus will live in your hearts by faith, with you leaning on Him, and that His special amazing love will be the root reaching down deep in your heart



So that you can know big and tall and deep and wide is God’s love and be filled with all His specialness.

So now to Him who can do way far more than we can ask or think by the power that is working in us, be all the special brightness in the church by Jesus through all the times and all the worlds forever. We believe this.

I who Jesus captured tell you to walk being good enough for the One who called you, being low and not puffed up, and keeping together with the other followers by staying close to the Spirit and being quiet with Him.

There is one body and one Spirit and one thing we believe and One who is over everything, and one thing we believe and one God and Father of all of us who is over all and through all in you all.

God gave every one of us His special amazing love in the gift of Jesus who went up high into heaven and captured the bad ones and gave their special powers to His followers. But first, before He went up high into heaven, He went down into the lowers parts of the center of the world to tell the bad spirit in jail there that He won the battle to save us.

So now He can fill everything. And He made some people to be leaders and some to be teachers and some to tell what things are going to happen and some to be shepherds leading His sheep so that all would be built up into His body. Until we all become one in what we believe, and in knowing the Son of God, being perfect and all grown up in Him.

So now we aren’t thrown all around here and there in our thinking every time we hear some new thing or some sneaky trick of the bad one. But we tell the truth in love and grow up in Him in everything who is the head, Jesus. And we are all parts of His body fitted together and built up in His love.

So don’t be like the other countries who think empty stuff in their minds and are dark inside their heads and are not joined to God. They can’t feel anything anymore and just run around trying to find what will make them happy all the time.

So don’t do the bad stuff anymore. Put that all away from you and put on the new man, Jesus, who God made right and true.

Don’t tell lies to your neighbor but tell what is true. And don’t do bad stuff when you get mad and don’t stay mad when it is getting dark outside.


Let the ones who were stealing, quit stealing, but work a good job with your hands so you will have something to give ones who need stuff.

Don’t let bad stuff come out of your mouth, but only say good words that help people stand tall in Jesus’ special amazing love. And don’t stop the Holy Spirit and make Him sad who keeps you held tight in God until Jesus comes back.



Don’t let madness or yukky stuff stay in your thinking but be kind and forgive each other like God forgave you for Jesus.


Keep following God like much loved children and walk in love like Jesus loved us and gave Himself for us, which made God real happy.

Don’t do the bad stuff or talk silly words or make stupid jokes or chase after other people’s stuff or bow down to statues. But always be thanking God in your heart that He loves you because no one who does this bad stuff will get to own the kingdom of Jesus and God.

Don’t let anyone trick you with empty words because the bad spanking will come on the ones who disobey. You used to do that bad stuff but now you are children of light so walk like children of light.

The Spirit makes all good and right and true stuff come out of you, which is what God wants. And don’t play with the bad stuff that is in the dark, but show them that it is bad.




All the stuff they do is very embarrassing even to talk about it. But the light shows what it all is.

Wake up you sleeping ones, and Jesus will shine His amazing light on you. So walk smart and not like silly ones. That will buy back the time, because the days are so full of bad stuff.



Talk and sing God’s songs in your heart to God and always be telling Him thank you for everything.


And stay under the ones that God put you under and do what they say. Wives, do what your husbands say as you stay in God’s special amazing love. And husbands love your wives with the same amazing big love that Jesus loved his followers and gave Himself for them to make them set apart as special and clean by the water of His word.

Jesus did this so He could bring His followers to Himself, His bride, being very beautiful with nothing bad in her. This is a special secret about Jesus’ amazing love for us.

Kids obey your mom and dad in Jesus because it is right. God said to hold high your parents. God will give you a long life for it and God will put lots of good stuff in the days of your life.

And Dads, don’t upset your kids or make them mad, but help them grow up in God’s special love and truth.

And you ones who are slaves, obey your master with your eyes on Jesus, wanting to make Jesus happy, and not wanting more to make people happy.

Do what God wants from the middle of your heart because you know that God will give you a good reward for it. And masters, don’t be mean over your workers because you have a Master in heaven who doesn’t play favorites.



And the last thing, my brothers, be strong in the Lord because He is the strongest. Put on all the battle clothes of the Lord so you can stand up against all the sneaky tricks of the bad one.




We are wrestling not with people but with the bad ones who live high up.

Stand with the truth wrapped all around you and peace on your feet and Jesus’ rightness on your chest and your trust in Him for your shield that stops all the arrows of fire that the bad ones send into your thinking. And keep God’s saving helmet on your head and the word of God sharp in your mind as your sword for Holy Spirit to fight the bad ones.


And always pray in the Holy Spirit, and keep watching for all the followers to keep standing in Jesus, and telling bravely about Jesus and His special love.

I am sending a brother to see how you are doing and pat your hearts. He will tell me how you are. Peace to the brothers and love with faith from God the Father and from Jesus. His special and amazing love be with you.