Help me, Lord, all the people who were doing good are gone.




People are only speaking lies and bad things from double hearts.






The Lord will cut off everyone who puffs people up with their words and say wrong things.




Who think they can win with their talking, saying, No one is the boss of us.




They press in hard on everybody.




Now the Lord will lift up His people and hold them safe.





The Lord’s words are pure,




they have been proved to be pure in this world seven times.




God will keep them safe from these bad ones forever.





The bad ones are everywhere when bad men are lifted up by people.



How long are You going to forget me, O God, and hide Your face from me? How long am I going to be sad every day while the ones who hate me are in charge over me.





Think about this and listen to me. O Lord my God.




Show me Your good light so that I don’t fall asleep and die.


Don’t let the ones who hate me win over me and be happy for the trouble they make for me.





I lean on Your love and am happy that you save me from them.





I will sing to You because You do so many good things for me.



The silly ones say inside their hearts that there is no God. They are rotting and do rotten things.

The Lord looks down from heaven seeing all the children of men to see if any of them are looking for Him and are trying to find Him.


All of them have gone the wrong way and got very dirty. Not one of them is doing the right thing.



Don’t they understand anything, all those who hurt my people and do not call on the Lord.






They will be really scared




because the Lord God is with us. He is our hiding place.





O how I wish that Israel would send out the words

                     that save people.

When the Lord stops all this badness, the people of the Lord will be really happy and the children of Israel will be really glad.






Who will stay in Your house O God? Who will live on Your holy hill?



The ones who walk the right way and do what the Lord God says and tell the truth inside themselves.






The ones who don’t talk bad about others






or do bad to their neighbors.




The ones who don’t like the bad ones, but hold high the people that follow the Lord, The ones that do what they say, and don’t change


Those who don’t charge extra money for their loans or take money to hurt people who haven’t done anything wrong.



The one who does these things will stand solid as a rock and not be hurt by anything.