Do not be quiet, O God, because Your enemies are stirring up trouble. They want to wipe Your special people off the world.




They are getting together to make a plan to do it.




O my God, make them like the ones who disappeared, like fire burns up everything on the mountains.





Send a big storm after them






and make them afraid.





Make their faces embarrassed so they will look for You and try to find You.

Let their thinking get mixed up and upset and embarrassed and let them disappear forever so that people will know that only You whose name is JEHOVAH, are the Most High One over everything.






Your house is so lovely to come to,





O Lord of all the armies of the angels of heaven.




My heart has a strong wish to come be at Your house. My body wants to be with You real bad.




The sparrows and swallows love to make their nests at Your house,



on Your altar, O Commander over all the armies of angels of heaven, my King and my God.



Happy with the best happiness is everyone who lives at Your house.





They will always be singing songs of the best words to You.




Happy is the one who lets You be his strongness, whose heart knows which way You want him to go.





When they keep following You




they pass through the valley of tears



and it turns into the best water of happiness for everyone else.

Each trouble makes them stronger in You though the bad ones keep trying to break them down, they keep going to You and come to stand before You at Your house.





O Lord God of all the armies of angels of heaven, listen to my talking to You. I rest my head on You.





O God our shield, Look at my face that You have filled with Your Spirit.


One day at Your house is better than 1,000 days anyplace else.






I would rather guard the door of Your house than live in the best places of the bad ones.





Because the Lord God is a sun and shield;




The Lord will give grace and glory;




He won’t hold back any good thing from the ones who love Him back.






O Lord God of all the armies of the angels of heaven,





happiest in the world is the one who trusts You.