Put Your best and highest thinking on the Lord, O soul inside me.






Everything inside me think how great He is







and don’t forget all the good stuff He does for us.





He forgives all the bad stuff we do




and heals up every sickness we have.




He buys back our life from the ruin of the bad ones.






He crowns us





with His special love and very good comfort.




He fill our mouth with good tasting things when we are hungry




making us young again like the eagles.






He makes everything right for the ones that the bad ones press in on.



He made Moses know all about what He wants and all the good stuff He did for the children of Israel.


The Lord is full of very special love for us and doesn’t get mad very quick.


He didn’t give us the bad stuff that we deserve because His special love is high up above the heavens for us.




He took our sin away from us as far as can be, so far no one can ever find it.


The Lord is kind to the ones who bow to Him like a good Dad to the kids he loves.



He remembers that we are weak and made from the dust of the ground.


Man’s days are short like the grass and flowers in the field. A wind sweeps by and they are gone.




But the great special love of the Lord is from always to always.




And He gives His own special rightness to the children of His children that follow Him





and remember the words that He said to us.



The Lord set His throne in the heavens and His kingdom rules over everything everywhere.



Put your best love on Him all you angels that are strongest and do His commands and listen to His word and do what He wants.


Put your best love on the Lord, everything everywhere. Put your best love on the Lord, O my soul.