I will be happy and say the best things with my whole heart with everyone to the Lord.






The things the Lord does are great and a lot of fun to know about.


The things the Lord does are way above the best and most special. He is always right and will always be right forever.





He made His wonderful works to be remembered.




He is full of giving love and kindness to us.





He makes sure those who bow down to Him always have plenty of food.




He will always remember His special promise to keep us as His own for always and ever.





He showed His people that His power has no end;



He gave His people the land of the ones who turned away from Him, to keep as their own forever.


Everything the Lord does is true and right. What He says to do is for always and is done true and right.





He bought back His people to Himself.





He commanded that His promise last forever.





Most special above everything special, is He.




To be scared of Him is the start of good, right thinking because He has all the power.






Your thinking is good if you do what He says.





He is best and most amazing forever.






The best words and thinking to the Lord.


His special happiness is on everyone who honors Him and is very happy to do what He says.






Their children will be full of power in the world.




The people that do what the Lord says will be the most happy and have the best days.




They will have lots of money in their house,






and stay on the right path forever.





Light will come to them in the dark;







they will be good and helpful to other people and do what is right.






A good man shows special kindness and helps other people by giving them what they need.




He walks through his days choosing to do the right things.



God will guard his life and keep him strong and God will keep that person to always be remembered.




He will not be scared when he hears bad things because his heart is set to trust the Lord.



He knows God will keep him safe and give him all that he needs.



He will see the bad things that his enemies do, happen back to themselves.



That man gives good stuff to people that need it and always does the right thing forever.





God will give him a place of power and honor that last forever.






The bad ones will see it and get upset and grind their teeth together and then fade away.





Everything about the bad ones will fade away.