Praise the Lord, say the best words about Him because He is good and His special love lasts strong forever.


Who call tell all the strong things the Lord has done? Who can show all the good stuff about Him?



Happy is everyone who is does what is fair and acts right all the time.





Remember me, O Lord, giving me the blessings that You carry for all Your people;

come to me and save me so that I can see the good that You do to the ones You choose and be happy with Your people and amazed with what You give them to be theirs.


We did bad and our dads did bad. We did not understand all the amazing things You did in Egypt.






We didn’t remember how much special love You have for us.






We didn’t trust You at the Red Sea but You saved us anyway so that Your power could be seen by everyone in the world.


You dried up the sea and led Your people through it on dry ground.

You save Your people out of the hand of all the people that hated them and bought them back from the enemy.




The waters covered over their enemy and none of them were left.





Then they believed You and sang praises to You.


But they forgot what You did real quick and did not wait for You to tell them what to do, but wanted other stuff really bad.



You gave them what they wanted but sent some emptiness into their souls.

Then they wanted to be boss over all God’s people like Moses, and the ground opened up and swallowed those families.






And a fire jumped up and ate the bad ones.




They made a golden calf to bow down to and by doing that


they made the wonderful God who is all powerful everywhere, look like just a cow that eats grass.

They forgot God who saved them and did great things in Egypt, all the amazing things that only He can do like opening the Red Sea.





So He was going to erase them from life, but Moses stepped in between and talked Him out of being so mad at the people.

Still they didn’t like the special land but whispered, complaining in their tents and did not listen to the voice of the Lord.


They kept making Him mad by doing bad stuff so He sent bad things to show them the bad stuff they were doing.





The ones who stayed with the Lord were happy and safe.





When there wasn’t any water, they didn’t trust that God could make them some, and Moses yelled at the people for not believing in God to help them.



Then God was angry at Moses for yelling instead of showing how loving God is.

Then they didn’t get rid of the bad ones out of the special land, like the Lord God had told them. Instead they married them and bowed down to their bad ones.




They did so much bad stuff that they were really stinky to God.



So He let the bad ones be over them until they called out to Him to help them. The enemies hurt them and took away all their stuff.

Then, when they called out to the Lord, He heard them, and sent someone He picked to save them because He remembered His promise and His great special love for them.


Let all the best happiness be to the Lord God of Israel for always and always. And all the people said, We believe it. The best to the Lord.