I will always say good stuff about God. I will only brag about Him.





Let’s hold Him high together.






I looked for Him in my heart and He heard me and saved me from everything that was making me afraid.




No one can be upset or embarrassed who looks to Him.


I am poor and cried to the Lord. He heard me and saved me out of every trouble.






The angel of the Lord camps around those who fear Him and saves them.



O taste and see that the Lord is good. Happy is everyone who leans on Him.





Be afraid of only Him and hold Him high in your hearts.


The young lions don’t have enough to eat and are very hungry but those who look to the Lord have plenty of everything.





Come listen to me, I will teach you to lean on the Lord.


Who wants to live a happy long life and have many good things, let him not say any bad talk or sneaky words.




Stay away from the bad ones and all that they do and say. Go after quietness in your heart and stillness with the Lord.



The eyes of the Lord watch over the ones who are looking for Him, He listens to their cries.


The face of the Lord is against the ones who follow the bad ones and do bad things, to cut off even ever thinking about them in this world.




When the right ones cry the Lord hears and saves them out of all their troubles.





The Lord stays close to the ones who have broken hearts and don’t lift themselves up.



The ones who do right have many troubles but the Lord saves them out of them all.




He even guards their bones so that none of their bones are broken.






The bad ones kill the ones who do bad.



The ones who hate those who do right will be sad and empty forever.



The Lord buys back the souls of the ones who serve Him. None of the ones who serve Him will be sad or empty.