Best is the Lord, and most to be praised in His city, the mountain of His bestness.


His city is in the best place, the most beautiful and happiest place in the world.



God is known there as the best hiding place.



Kings of the world walked by the city and were amazed and upset and hurried away.







They were afraid like a woman when she is having a baby.



You break the doings of the bad ones with a wind from the east.





The Lord will keep His city strong forever.






Rest your heart on this.

We think about Your great special love for us when we are inside Your temple, O God.





Only good can be said about You all over the world.


Look at this city and remember and tell the next group of children who are born because this God is our God for always and always.




He will lead us around all our lives and on and on forever after that.


Turn your ears to me, everyone in the world, everyone who trusts only in their money, will that keep your soul alive?




Can anyone pay so much that he will never die?




Even the very best ones in the world will die.




But God will buy back my soul from dying because He is life and will take me to Him.




Don’t be upset when people get lots of money and good things because they can’t take any of it with them when they die.

People who don’t look to God don’t understand anything and will pass away into the dust like the animals.