Listen when I call out to you, O Lord.





Do not take me away with the bad ones.





Give them back the badness that they give out, who say good things but plan sneaky trick in their hearts.





Because they do not think about You or what you have done.




He will wipe them out and not build them up.




Happy, happy, happy is the Lord because he hears my voice.





The Lord is my strongness and my shield.



My heart leans on Him and He helps me, so I am very happy and will sing happy songs of good words to Him.





He is the strength to save the ones He puts His Spirit on.




O save Your people and bless them and feed them




and lift them up forever.

Say that the Lord has glory and strength, because He does. Be full of happy thoughts to Him because He is so beautiful and special far above us.



The voice of the Lord makes thunder on the waters. His voice is full of power and big beauty.







His voice breaks the biggest trees and splits the fires and shakes the woods.



His voice makes the deer have their babies




and in His temple everyone talks about how great and high He is.




He sits on all the waters, the Lord sits as King for ever over everyone.



The Lord will give strongness to His people; the Lord will shower down and fill them with His peace.

I will say the highest and best words about You, O Lord because you did not let my enemies get me.




O Lord my God, I called out to You and You healed me.





You keep me alive and didn’t let me go into the ground.


Sing to the Lord, all people who are His special ones, and say thank You to Him when you remember His highest specialness.




When He is mad it only lasts a minute




but His goodness on us lasts all our lives.



We may have tears at night, but big happiness comes in the morning.


Lord, by Your smile on me, You made my high, good life strong, but when you turned Your face away, I was upset.




I said to You, help me and put Your special love on me.

Then You made me so happy that I was dancing. I will be happy and thanking You forever.