Look how nice it is when brothers get along.








It is like nice perfume coming down on your head and over your clothes.





It is like dew in the tops of the beautiful mountains.




The Lord commanded all His good things, even living forever where all the battles are won.



Give the best blessing to the Lord, all who serve Him.






Lift up your hands in His safe house and say the best words to Him.


The Lord who made heaven and earth bless you from the place where all the battles are won.





Say the highest words to the Lord, say the best words about everything about Him.


Stand in His courtyard and sing loud to Him because it is one of the nicest things to do because He is so good.





He chose us sinners for His special treasure.




I know that the Lord is great and that our Lord is high above all gods.

The Lord did whatever He wanted in heaven and in earth and in the oceans, and in all the deep places we can’t see.



He causes mist to rise up from all over the world and then makes lightning for the rain.





He brings the wind out of His treasure house.




He struck down the firstborn of Egypt’s men and animals.




He sent signs and wonders that show His power over all the other gods.


He struck down great nations and killed strong kings and gave their land to His people, Israel.

All that You are, O Lord, will always stay the same forever and all the families of people throughout all the years will remember You.





The Lord will make everything right for His people and turn back from giving them what the deserve for the bad stuff they did.


The gods of the nations that turn away from the Lord are just silver and gold made by mans hands.




They have mouths but can’t talk.





They have eyes but can’t see.





They have ears but can’t hear.




No breath goes in and out of them. They aren’t alive.



The ones who make them are like them, and so is everyone who trusts in them.



O the best blessings on the Lord, all the people of the Lord.




He is most happy and blessed forever. The best from us to Him.