Happiest is everyone who bows down to the Lord and walks the way He leads them.





They will eat good food from their work and everything will be good for them in their life.






His wife will be like a vine by the side of the house loaded with lots of fruit.


And your children will be like beautiful olive plants sitting around your table.




That is how good it will be for the one who fears the Lord.


The Lord put His good blessings on you from His special mountain and you will see good all the days of your life.






You will see your children’s children and peace on God’s people.





Many times the bad ones tied me up and gave me trouble from when I was little, but they didn’t win.




The Lord is right and He cut the ropes they tied me in and set me free.



Let the bad ones all be confused in their minds and turned away that hate God’s special mountain.



Let them be like grass on the top of the house that dries up and blows away.

When they go by they don’t say, The Lord put his blessing on you; we want good things for You in the name of the Lord.

From down in the very deepest waters I cried out to the Lord, Lord hear my words.




If you count sins, no one could stand up in front of You.




But You forgive the best way ever so that people will honor You with their highest and best thoughts and words.







My soul just sits quiet and waits for You.

Let God’s people always be sure that He is for them because with the Lord is lots and lots of His special love.

He buys us back from the bad ones over and over again.






He will buy back all His people from their bad things they think and do.






Lord, my heart is not puffed up




and my eyes don’t look at wrong things.




I don’t try to be somebody special or bigger than I am.






I made myself quiet in front of You like a little child.





Let Israel be sure in the Lord from now on and forever.