Come let us sing to the Lord and make a sound of joy to the Rock who saves us from all trouble.




For the Lord is the great God, the great King over all gods.






Everything high and low is in His hand. All strongness everywhere is His.





The sea is His; He made it.



His hand formed all the ground of the world.




O come let us give our best thoughts and words to Him and bow down to only Him.




Let’s get on our knees in front of the Lord who made us.


He is our God and we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand.




Today, listen and don’t make Your heart hard to Him like His people did, before because that makes Him really sad deep in His heart.


He doesn’t let the ones who won’t bow to him come into His special resting place.





O sing a new song to the Lord


all the whole world.

Put your best heart to Him and show every day how He saves us from bad thoughts and all troubles.



Tell how great His special brightness is to all the people of the world and tell everyone the wonderful things He does.



The Lord is the greatest God and we should be afraid of Him more than any of the gods.



All the other gods are nothing but chunks of wood: but the Lord made the heavens.



Highest thoughts and special brightness are before Him; all power and beauty are in His special safe house.





Give to Him what He deserves, the highest place of specialness in our hearts.






Come to the courts of His house with the best gifts.



Bow down to Him and be still in the wonder and beauty of His specialness.





All the world, be afraid of Him.




Tell all the people of the other countries that He is in charge everywhere over everything.


He set the world and it stays where He put it.




He will do everything right for all the people.





Let the heavens sing for happiness and let the world be very glad.





Let the sea jump up in happiness and everything in it.

Let fields and all the trees in forest be full of happiness because the Lord is coming to judge the world and make everything right for everyone.



He will set it right by His ways and rules and His true things.