Hear my prayer, O God. I yell out for you from the end of the world





when everything is too much for my heart.





Lead me to the high rock I can stand safe on.




You have been the best fort for me, a strong, high tower from my enemy.







I will stay in Your house forever




and feel safe in the hiding place under Your wings.


I do this because You hear me and gave me the reward that lasts forever that You give to everyone who bows down to You.





You make me a king for many generations.





I stay before You forever.



Get Your special love and truth ready that will keep me alive with You forever





so I will sing to You how good You are forever.

I wait for God to come save me. He is my rock and always saves me. He protects me. I won’t be upset.




The bad ones try to hurt me and plan to wreck my life




but I look to God and He only keeps me hiding safe in Him.




He is what I think is most special.





He protects me and makes me strong.





Always ask Him for whatever you need. Tell Him all your troubles. He is the best place to hide.





All men are empty, but He is always full.




Do not trust in hurting others to get what you want or steal from them.




If you get rich, don’t trust the money.




All power belongs to God and to Him is all the best special love.







He gives back to each one of the people just like what they do.




O God, You are mine. I will get up early and find You because I want You.

I want to see all Your strength and every good thing about You because Your special love is better than life. I will always say the best things about You.




I will put my best thoughts on You





and lift up my hands to You.


My soul is full and happy with all the best stuff and my mouth will be very happy to say how good You are.



When I lay in bed at night, I think about You because You always help me.

I will be so happy under the shadow of Your wings.





I follow hard after You;







Your right hand holds me up.





But the ones who want to get rid of me will go into the inside of the bottom of the world.




But I, the king, will be happy in God and my heart will spill out its happiness.




The mouth of the ones who tell lies will be stopped shut.